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The Kara Tepe camp on Lesvos (11/19/2020)

The organization Medico international drew attention to the conditions in the Kara Tepe refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos on Wednesday:

The conditions in the new Kara Tepe refugee camp on Lesbos are still disastrous four months after the fire in Moria. Last night, another storm caused catastrophic conditions in the camp, parts of the camp were flooded, tents were soaked and had collapsed at times, toilets were overturned and unusable. In view of the imminent cold snap in the eastern Aegean Sea, the Frankfurt aid and human rights organization Medico international warns of a massive threat to the 7,300 refugees in the camp.

“What is happening in the Moria successor camp at Kara Tepe is not a natural disaster, but a deliberate crime. The intolerable situation has been a topic of international public opinion for months, but nothing has changed. The thin tents are repeatedly under water, the shower facilities are completely inadequate, the food is bad, there is no heating, and people hardly receive any medical care, ”says Ramona Lenz, Refugee for Refugees and Migration at Medico international. (…) “Everyone who is responsible for the misery in Moria and the successor camp must be called to account.”

Three members of the Bundestag of the party Die Linke wrote on Tuesday afternoon with a letter against the deletion of a jW-Post on Facebook protested. It says:

Dear Sir or Madam,

With astonishment and outrage we learned that Facebook had a report from the daily newspaper young world about police violence against a demonstration in Berlin. It is about the article “Attack on LL-Demo – Brutal police operation against leftists at Luxemburg-Liebknecht-Gedenken” from January 10th, 2021 (see January 11th edition, jW)

We were present as parliamentary observers at the demonstration in question on January 10, 2021 and were able to see with our own eyes how the police proceeded with unjustifiable harshness against the demonstrators. There were numerous injuries on the part of the demonstrators. The young world, which was represented by correspondents on site, reported on these incidents. But this report and a photo showing the violent crackdown on a protester were removed from Facebook because it allegedly did not meet “community standards”.

We do not understand where this report is said to have violated Facebook community standards. After all, violence was not encouraged or glorified here – rather, violence was documented and criticized by the police. We wonder why Facebook has to cover up the police action by censoring a critical report in a daily newspaper about it. We therefore ask for information on how and with what exact reason this scandalous deletion of the young worldArticle came through Facebook.

With best regards,

Ulla Jelpke, Sevim Dagdelen, Alexander Neu


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