HLA Santa Isabel reinforces Aesthetic Medicine

The HLA Santa Isabel Clinic expands and reinforces its Aesthetic Medicine service with the aim of “offering the latest treatments to patients who want to improve their appearance, with the maximum safety guarantees offered by a hospital and under strictly medical criteria”.

The Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine indicates in its ‘Socioeconomic and penetration study of Aesthetic Medicine in Spain’ (2020), that the number of patients who entrust their aesthetic well-being to this specialty continues to grow and about 40 percent of Spaniards undergo any such treatment.

These data lead to HLA Santa Isabel Clinic to strengthen its Aesthetic Medicine service with the incorporation of a new specialist and adding innovative services and techniques in this field. Rosbely De Cámara is a surgeon specializing in Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetics, Regenerative Medicine and a Master’s in Clinical Dermatology. Her knowledge is added to that of Elisa Ruiz Mesa, a graduate in Medicine and Surgery with extensive training and experience in the field of aesthetic medicine.

“The most common aesthetic concern is signs of aging, and HLA Santa Isabel has a powerful service with resources and treatments focused on both prevention and addressing the signs of the passage of time. Likewise, the latest technical and technological advances allow aesthetic interventions to be carried out without going through the operating room and with record recovery times,” they explain from the center.

The Area has other innovations in facial and body treatments, with methods to give solution to wrinkles, dark circleslip filling, cheekbone marking, rhinoplasty without surgery, chemical peeling, facial hydration, mesotherapy or platelet-rich plasma, etc.

Botulinum toxin, more than an aesthetic method

One of the most used methods in the Comprehensive Aesthetic Medicine Area of ​​the HLA in Seville are treatments with Botulinum toxin (botox). “It is a highly demanded treatment by patients, due to its excellent results, quick recovery and minimally invasive”, explain the professionals.

The application of this toxin is indicated for relax the muscle in which it is injected, with a rehabilitating effect. “Mainly, we use it preventively to avoid the appearance of signs of aging, but more and more is being advanced in the knowledge of its therapeutic application and we also use it to solve or improve other aesthetic aspects such as the gum smilel (when the gum is exposed when smiling), excessive sweating or health problems such as bruxism (grinding, crunching or clenching your teeth),” they say.

These interventions are performed with minimally invasive techniques.

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