Historical decisions after the earthquake from Mayor Kanar in Bursa

Historical decisions after the earthquake from Mayor Kanar in Bursa

Mustafakemalpasa Municipality Held the second session of the March Assembly Meeting. at the council meeting Hatay Arsuz Transferring his experiences, Mustafakemalpaşa Mayor Kanar said, “There are lessons we have learned, there are precautions we will take”. President Mehmet Kanar, While describing her experiences, Arsuz said, “We have personally witnessed how a history disappears. We are taking our measures to avoid the problems of this earthquake in our district. I can say that there was an earthquake in Arsuz, where I worked for a week, far above politics. How a city collapses, how history disappears, we witnessed on the spot. I am of the opinion that all aid and support will go to the earthquake zone for at least 5 years. We will bandage our wounds together,” he said.


President Kanar took the following decisions in order to support the earthquake zone, which he mentioned as “where the word ends, the pain begins”. In Mustafakemalpaşa, which is on the fault line, construction permits will be applied to the letter, whatever the law or the regulation. No concessions will be accepted. All planned celebrations will be cancelled, with the exception of public holidays on 23 April, 19 May, 30 August, and 14 September. All iftar programs planned to be held will be cancelled, with the exception of the iftar program that will be organized by the Mustafakemalpaşa Municipality for the families of martyrs and the earthquake victims who settled in Mustafakemalpaşa. With its 131 Neighborhoods, the sine qua non of Bursa’s largest district in terms of area will not be participated in the village charity, and the money will be used for village charity. earthquake A plaque will be presented to the muhtars who donated to the region. Tatlıtop Festival, Turkey’s longest running street basketball, will continue without exaggeration.

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Emphasizing that the earthquake victims in Mustafakemalpaşa will not spare their support in their new lives, Mayor Kanar announced that he donated the Mayor’s salary for 3 months to the earthquake victims.

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