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A news from the Competition Authority yesterday… Exactly like this: “Nuh’un Ankara Pasta ve İs-Ra food An investigation has been launched against him.”
I was interested because Noah’s Ankara Pasta is a brand that TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu and his family partner with… The other is the Aydoğan family… They are also food distributors…
In summary, the Competition Board says, “I concluded the preliminary investigation and opened an investigation on the allegation that the buyers violated Article 4 of the Law on the Protection of Competition No. 4054 with the actions of the buyers to determine the resale price of Nuh’s Ankara Pasta and its distributor.”
Wow mom wow…

Obviously, the Competition Authority, with Noah’s Ankara Pasta in the distributor Is-Ra Gıda’s shelves in the markets for interfering with the prices reached some findings!
Well, there is no smoke where there is no fire…
As far as I know, this was one of the subjects of the investigation carried out against 14 suppliers in the second market investigation, which was nearing the end.
Of course, as soon as they saw this news, both those who knew it and those who didn’t started tazvirata…
“No, Hisarcıklıoğlu criticized him last week and that’s what happened.”
Gentlemen, the operation of the Competition Board is not possible with the snap of a finger.
Preliminary research begins months in advance. If the documents-findings collected for three or four months are really useful, an investigation is opened. Moreover, here the Competition Board Investigation ex officio (himself) has not opened… Preliminary investigation on the complaint initiated
I also want to ask these sensors.
I wrote it last year. in the market Oba Pasta price 3.95 TLyikes, Nuh’un Ankara 6.95 lirawas. Then one of ‘No, the president, your wheat Coming from Argentina?’ he couldn’t say!
Now they’re arguing.
People are truly amazed!
Anyway, back to the topic…
Let me remind you for those who don’t know. Determining the purchase/sale prices of goods or services between companies at different levels of the chain is one of the activities prohibited by the law. In fact, the law does not only directly determine prices; It also prohibits intervention in prices by indirect means such as determining profit margins or discount rates. These will be included in the review.
now fcompanies will be asked to defend themselves. After that the investigation report will be prepared.
Well, Duru Bulgur was fined in February. We’ll see what happens here.
But it is necessary to rejoice in this as a citizen… Obviously, chain recently. seen in market investigations, hands extended to market shelves one by one on the radar of the Competition Board. hanging.

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You can listen to this column by clicking the link below.

Dilek Gungor | Hisarcıklıoğlu’s pastas…



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