His instructions, the player he liked the most and who will be his first reinforcement: this is how Carlos Tevez lived his debut as DT of Rosario Central

It was not the dream evening for Carlos Tevez in what was his debut as a coach. Although Rosario Central had several scoring situations, he was unable to break a Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata that struck shortly after the end and took the three points of the Little Creek Giant. With just a handful of training sessions, the brand new DT sought to join his lines to make a short and incisive team in attack. He is now waiting for reinforcements to mold the squad to his liking and the first one is very close.

As soon as he stepped onto the field, Tevez was greeted by cautious applause from all four sides. The You bastard It is going through a complicated sports and football institutional situation, so the hubbub did not reign at all. Charlie Brown commanded his coaching staff, made up of his brothers (finally the Plate Retegui will accompany the distance, as he clarified later in a conference) and got into the substitutes bench after greeting Beanie Gorosito and Franco Soldano, former partner in Boca.

Saving the distances, probably the characteristics of Lucas Gamba they make him the footballer who most resembles the Tevez player. Maybe that’s why he went to the one Charlie Brown gave him more directions. “Lucas, watch out for the two fives, give him a hand!”, was heard shouting at the experienced 35-year-old from Mendoza, so that he sought to bother the rival’s midfielders Agustín Cardozo and Brahian Alemán. Both Gamba and Alejo Veliz were ordered to delay when Rodrigo Rey served.

Tevez in his debut at Gigante de Arroyito (Leo Galletto)

In the first half he lamented the lost chances and remained motionless, with his right arm raised claiming offside, when Ramón Sosa defined for 1-0. Finally the judges gave him the right and there Tevez regained his calm. Before the complement began, he approached Damián Martínez to whisper in his ear and prepared for the final stage with his casual clothing: he did not wear Central sports clothing, but he did not wear a suit either.

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He claimed possession again and again in the second balls and if the work of one of his managers had to be highlighted, it was White Lautaro, the left side. On several occasions, Tevez harangued him and congratulated him on his interventions. He laughed ironically at another wasted scoring opportunity looking towards the bench and although he had warned his team to put pressure on Alemán in the middle of the field, he sought to lift them after the Uruguayan’s qualification to Sosa that meant the 1-0 definitive.

“Come on, come on, it’s okay. Go ahead”, he encouraged his people to applause. The public began to get exasperated in the final minutes, but Tevez maintained his composure and claimed to have left in accordance with what was offered by the Rosario cast. On the way to the locker room, he received the greeting from Gorosito again, he did the same with Alemán and Soldano, he refused the interview on the field of play and went to a press conference in which he analyzed: “I liked the team, I really liked the attitude thinking we only had five training sessions. The only one to blame for the defeat is me, I take responsibility, like every time we lose. I have a group of men behind who are going to leave everything to get ahead.”

Central added two new faces before Tevez took over the squad: midfielders Francis Mac Allister and Colombian José Leudo. Now, the first to arrive since the assumption of Carlitos would be about to fall: it is about Ignatius Malcorraa left-handed midfielder from Lanús who would terminate his relationship with garnet (expires in six months) and would join the auriazul ranks next week.

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The next commitment of those from Arroyito will be on Monday, July 4, when they visit Aldosivi in ​​Mar del Plata (from 19). Before that, the squad will hold a mini pre-season at the AFA campus in Ezeiza to get fit physically. At the request of Tevez, the match against Quilmes for the Argentine Cup, which was scheduled for this Tuesday, was postponed.

The Apache left in accordance with what was offered by its leaders (Leo Galletto)
The Apache left in accordance with what was offered by its leaders (Leo Galletto)


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