His grandmother gave him a thousand dollars when he was 12 years old, he invested it in bitcoin and today he is a millionaire

Erik Finman is a self-proclaimed liberal “The youngest bitcoin millionaire” in the world. And he always tells his story proud: with just 12 years he invested a thousand dollars that his grandmother gave him when the cryptocurrency did not have the high prices that it does today. Y it has more than 10 million.

The story of this young German tells that at the age of 12 he bought 100 bitcoins, which later became $ 100,000 – Increased your earnings 10,000%.

According to himself in newspaper articles and his Linkedin profile, he never felt comfortable with formal education. I wanted to quit formal education. Her parents told her she could dodge college only if he became a millionaire on his 18th birthday.

“Erik Finman has not followed the traditional path of college bound students growing up in the United States. In May 2011, at the age of 12, Finman struck a deal with his parents so that he could skip college in pursuit of an unorthodox education, provided he could successfully invest. The deal? He had to turn $ 1,000 in cash his grandmother gave him into an impressive million”Explains the Investopedia site.

Finman founded his first digital education company, “Botangle” with those 100,000 dollars, a company that in a very short time managed to have 20 workers and about 100 active subscribers. In 2015, he sold the startup for just 300 bitcoins, when the coin cost just $ 200: Finman had his eyebrows on bitcoin and knew it was going to pay off the investment.

Erik Finman, the self-proclaimed young man who is the world’s most millionaire in bitcoins. Linkedin Photo

His work returned to focus on non-formal education and he is one of the activists of this young man who believes that faced with an oppressive system, the solution is to find an individual path through non-institutional education: for this reason he bought the company again that he had sold.

Politically, Finman responds in this way to a conservative public very close to Trump and gives the pulse to companies such as Twitter or Facebook.

According to the millionaire, there are companies that want to silence right-wing movements: that is why he announced his project, the Freedom Phone, which many thought would It was a joke but it is actually for sale.

Erik Finman, the self-proclaimed young man who is the world's most millionaire in bitcoins.  Linkedin Photo

Erik Finman, the self-proclaimed young man who is the world’s most millionaire in bitcoins. Linkedin Photo

It is estimated that he currently has about 10 million dollars, with just 22 years.

Fortune with which he was able to develop this type of phone that, for many, is nothing new but rather a custom model that blocks certain specific permissions.

What is the freedom phone

Freedom Phone, Finman's project.  Photo freedomphone.com

Freedom Phone, Finman’s project. Photo freedomphone.com

Erik announced the smartphone through his official Twitter account and a new debate has started since then. The smartphone claims to challenge Big Tech’s restrictions and how they “take away freedoms.”

According to the Freedom phone website, Erik’s new invention comes with features like tracking jammers (i.e. from GPS) and an uncensored app store. The device has its own app store which, according to the website, allows you to read, watch, and think however you want without being censored.

You can even download and access apps that are banned from other app stores like Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Erik posted a video on social media, explaining that the phone comes with an operating system based on freedom of speech. He said the phone will have a privacy shield called Trust, which reportedly alerts users if their device is being tracked or if they are being spied on (something that can be activated on phones like iPhones).

The website also says that Freedom Phone aims to create a future where big tech doesn’t prohibit free communication by saying “Not just make America great. But it is also a great phone. “

Finman did not explain how the device avoids censorship, but it even has its own operating system: FreedomOS and, as he explains, it is “invisible” to large companies such as Google and Facebook, because it prevents them from collecting personal data. Although he did not give many technical details, what is known is that -of course- it comes with typical applications of the American right such as Parler (who had a lot of controversy over Trump), Rumble and Newsmax.

The phone claims no app tracking, no keyboard tracking, and no location tracking.

It will be priced at $ 500 and can be purchased in the United States from August.



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