‘Hire teachers!’, ‘We want quotas!’. The cries of the medical students of the University of Guayaquil during the sit-in | Community | Guayaquil

Dozens of students of the tenth semester of the Medicine career at the University of Guayaquil held a sit-in on Tuesday outside that institution due to the alleged lack of teachers.

The new semester begins on Monday, May 16 and this week the students finalize their enrollment, some have already gained access, others not yet because quotas are no longer open.

“In the registrations and in the list of subjects for which they have been able to register, we get pending assigning a teacher, we get “aspiring teacher,” explained Antonela Flores, a medicine student.

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The students also denounced that there have been layoffs of teachers in recent months, for which they fear that this new block of studies will be delayed or suspended.

He added that this problem of lack of teachers is also reflected in other faculties, but that they decided to make the sit-in because they fear not finishing this new semester since then they have the lottery for internship. The students indicated that there are more than 400 affected students.

The students arrived with posters that had phrases such as “Hire teachers”, “We want quotas”, “We want to study”, “We want teachers”, “Decent enrollment”.

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They also showed letters sent to the dean and other authorities of the Faculty of Medicine. “Since May 3 we have been sending communications to the authorities with solutions to this problem, but they do not take us into account, they do not answer us,” she explained.

Enrollment for the first semesters of the Medicine degree is scheduled to open on Friday, May 13.

This newspaper requested information from the University, but it was indicated that for the moment they will not speak on the subject. (I)



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