Hip osteoarthritis already has treatment without surgery thanks to regenerative medicine

Today, thanks to regenerative medicinewe have an innovative therapy for the hip osteoarthritis treatment without surgery and with hopeful results. This treatment is applied with great success in the results in the Cres Valencia Clinicwhere you can make an appointment for a first consultation.

The treatment of hip osteoarthritis with regenerative medicine presents benefits compared to other traditional treatmentssome of them with a high cost, since they have no side effects and they address the causes and not the symptoms of the illness. The doctor Carlos Jarabomedical director of the Cres Clinics, answers some questions about this innovative solution for joint health.

What is hip osteoarthritis?

osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that affects around 30% of the Spanish population over 40 years of age and 80% of those over 65 years of age. Of this percentage, 5% of cases are attributed to hip osteoarthritis, which is, together with knee osteoarthritis, the leading cause of inability to walk in those over 70 years of age.

Dr. Carlos Jarabo, medical director of Clínicas Cres, attends to a patient in his office. ED

The symptoms of hip osteoarthritis are pain, inflammation, and loss of function in the joint. Like the knee, the hip is involved in any movement that involves displacement. Hence, this disease is very disabling and greatly affects the quality of life who suffers from it.

How does regenerative medicine help in hip osteoarthritis?

The traditional treatment of hip osteoarthritis depends on the degree to which the disease is found. In the early stages, it is recommended taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories, but its prolonged use can produce adverse side effects, and as the disease progresses they become less effective.

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If we don’t remedy it, the degeneration in the joint will lead in a good number of cases to having to implant a hip replacementa more invasive technique that entails subsequent convalescence.

The regenerative medicine treatments can be a good alternative to combat osteoarthritis of the hip, as well as osteoarthritis of the other joints such as knee or shoulder.

What is special about regenerative medicine treatments?

Our body has the ability to repair injuries naturally. This ability decreases as we age and depending on the severity of the injury. The regenerative medicine reinforces and improves the body’s own action to recover, regenerate and rejuvenate tissues naturallywhich makes it possible to delay or avoid other more invasive treatments.

Regenerative medicine treatments consist of supply the patient with as many cells as possiblecoming from your own body, thus increasing the ability to protect, replace or regenerate damaged cells.

The technique is very simple and does not require surgery or hospitalization. ED

Where do these cells come from?

The regenerating cells used in regenerative medicine treatments are extracted from different tissues of the patient, such as blood or fatwhich are easily accessible.

In both there are different types of cells: mother cellsendothelial cells, blood cells and other cells or factors with the ability to relieve, improve and cure certain diseases such as osteoarthritis.

However, it must be taken into account that these treatments must be prescribed and carried out by specialized health professionals in centers that have the authorization to carry out this type of therapy.

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What are the advantages of regenerative medicine treatments in hip osteoarthritis?

Among the advantages of these treatments are:

  • As it is the patient’s own biological material, there is no possibility of rejection
  • Is a minimally invasive technique that avoids or delays having to resort to drugs and the implantation of a prosthesis.

  • The patient recover part of the movement and improves your quality of life.

  • The joint degeneration stops or slow down.

  • The treatment does not require surgery or hospitalization and is done with Local anesthesia.

Clínicas Cres has a team of professionals specialized in regenerative medicine. ED

According to Dr. Jarabo, numerous studies around the world have shown the effectiveness of regenerative medicine for the treatment of joint and chronic pain. However, remember that a good diagnosis It is essential for the treatment to be successful and for this it is very important to put yourself in the hands of experienced physicians in this type of therapy.

The Cres Valencia Clinic It is located at Calle Cirilo Amorós, 34. You can request an appointment at the 963 51 61 99.



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