Hints surfaced in latest Android beta

Even if there are not many alternatives and Samsung currently dominates the market, foldable smartphones are in vogue. Android maker Google has also been linked to a foldable phone and the development is an open secret. So far there has been no idea. Now, new clues have surfaced in the latest Android beta.

Android 12L beta reveals more about a possible Google Pixel Foldable

The stumbling block is the Android 12L Beta, an operating system that is specially designed for devices with a huge display. There in the code there is an animation of a foldable smartphone, a so-called foldable with the Google logo on the display. Incidentally, the animation is codenamed “Pipit”, as 9to5newsylist reports on their blog. So it could be a Google Pixel Foldable. However, since it is only an animated image, the magazine points out that the design does not necessarily have to be final.

It is also possible that Google will even remove the animation from the beta as soon as the final version of Android 12L is launched. So caution is advised when it comes to the rumors, even if there are already many references on the Internet that connect the search engine giant with its own foldable. According to the calculations by 9to5newsylist, the model in the pictures should have an aspect ratio of 7:8 and could offer a diagonal of 7.6 inches. It also looks similar to the new Oppo N, which is not coming to Europe.

The schematic drawing isn’t much, but at least it’s from an official note from the Android 12L beta.

So far, little is known about a possible foldable Google Pixel phone. Leakers currently assume that the model is under development. However, a release before the second half of 2022 is currently very unlikely. It is also not yet completely clear what we can expect from such a model and which features the manufacturer relies on. However, Google should once again significantly advance the competition among foldables.

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