Highlight of Construction Workers: They Noticed the Software Deficiency in ATM and Withdrawn 625 Thousand TL

The incident occurred last week on the street where ATMs are located in the city center. Officers who came to count money at the bank’s two ATMs realized that one of them was missing money in his chamber. The employees, who realized that the same was missing in the examination made at the other ATM, started an investigation upon suspicion.

They took money even though there was no money in the account

It was determined that the ‘cancel’ button was pressed while the money was withdrawn with the cards of other banks, and the amount coming out of the ATM was seized despite the fact that the money was not decreased in the account as a result of this intervention to the money giving unit. Bank officials determined that 625 thousand 440 TL transactions were made in 10 days with this deficit in the software.

Cameras of ATMs inspected

After the method was determined, bank officials informed the Provincial Police Chief Şükrü Yaman about the situation. The Anti-Cyber ​​Crime Branch Directorate took action upon the notice and started a study. Working in coordination with bank officials, the police examined the security camera footage of ATMs. In the examination, it was determined that the money was withdrawn from two ATMs.

Meanwhile, bank employees detected that two people were trying to withdraw money from one of the ATMs with the same method.

Police teams, who went to the ATM upon the notice, caught two people while they were making transactions with someone else’s card. Detained AK and ZB were taken to the police station for questioning. It was determined that AK and ZB were construction workers.

It turned out that the card on the suspects, on which transactions were made at the ATM, also belonged to the construction worker MAA. In the investigation conducted by the police, it was revealed that 11 thousand 500 TL was withdrawn by using this card with the same method. Thereupon, the cardholder MAA was detained in an operation to the designated address and taken to the Anti-Cyber ​​Crime Branch Office.

He bought a car with money.

Continuing their investigations, the police determined that one more person was using this vulnerability in ATMs as a result of the examination of the security camera footage. Determining that the suspect was SB and that he was also working as a construction worker, the police carried out an operation at the designated address. SB was taken into custody. The vehicle of the SB, who was determined to have bought a car with the money he obtained by using this deficit in 10 days, was confiscated with a court decision. SB’s relatives for the car said, “I made money from Bitcoin. I bought a car with that money,” he said.

Software bug fixed

AK and SB, among the suspects who were transferred to the courthouse after their procedures at the police station, were arrested by the court they were brought to. ZB and MAA were released with judicial control. On the other hand, bank officials who made research after the incident explained that the problem was caused by a software error, and it was learned that the software error was corrected as a result of the studies.

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