High Cholesterol? Watch your feet, if you have these signs you need to be careful

High Cholesterol? The answer could come right from the foot: pay attention to the signs that we should never underestimate

L’increased cholesterol it is one of the most widespread diseases worldwide. This molecule – belonging to the lipid family – has a very important role structural function as far as cell membranes are concerned. In addition to being synthesized by our body, cholesterol is introduced, albeit minimally, through the diet.

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Hypercholesterolemia (excess cholesterol) is a pathology to be kept under observation precisely because of the consequences for the cardiovascular system. In particular, not to be underestimated is the increase in LDL lipoproteins – the so-called “bad cholesterol“, That is the low-density lipoproteins that have the function of transporting the cholesterol molecule -.

The onset of this disease is most often asymptomatic. However, there are a number of signals that our body sends us that we absolutely cannot overlook. To understand whether or not you are suffering from hypercholesterolemia, often and willingly, low to observe the signals that come from feet.

High Cholesterol? Watch your feet, if you have these signs you need to be careful

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To minimize the possibility of an increase in the “Bad cholesterol”, the precept to follow is extremely simple: consume animal fats and tropical oils in moderation. Suffering from hypercholesterolemia, in fact, means seeing an exponentially increased risk of cardiovascular pathologies.

Although most of the time asymptomatic, the onset of this disease can trigger visible signals especially starting from our feet. In addition to the sensation of pain in the legs and irritation in the toes, the nails could come to thicken e le ditain severe cases, they could take a blue tint.

All of this, of course, is due to one poor blood supply which, if prolonged over time, can even lead to tissue death. In addition, any foot ulcers should be noted, which would heal slowly and with great difficulty.

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The ones we have listed are just some of the signals that our body throws us when it is suffering from hypercholesterolemia; underestimating them would mean exposing us to too high a risk for our health.




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