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Gold prices in Egypt continued, this morning, Sunday, July 11, 2021, to stabilize at the high prices that were achieved on Friday, as a result of the stability of the gold price globally, to stop trading after the closure of global stock exchanges and markets for the weekend, on Saturday and Sunday.

And the Gold Division in Egypt announced that the price of 24-carat gold, in goldsmiths without workmanship, this Sunday morning, is 897 pounds, and the price of 21-carat gold is the most prevalent in Egypt, 786 pounds, and 18-carat gold is at 674 pounds, and the gold pound is at 6280 pounds.

Global gold prices are awaiting the return of the stock market and global markets to work tomorrow, Monday morning, to determine the fate of the yellow metal, and the price of gold before closing for the weekend has achieved a remarkable rise due to the announcement of the Federal Reserve, Friday, the existence of a shortage in materials and suffocation of supply chains for a number of industries, as well as difficulties in employment. This hinders the newly recovered economic progress from the Corona virus, which sparked fear in the hearts of investors, so they turned to buying gold as a safe haven, and gold futures contracts ended the week’s trading, with an increase of 0.6%, to achieve gains for the third week in a row by 1.5%, and the price of spot gold delivery also increased by 0.4%.

And the price of 21 karat gold, the most prevalent in Egypt, in the financial markets, this Sunday morning, recorded 798.31 pounds, while the ounce recorded 1,808.53 dollars.

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