Hic Svnt Dragones, nouvelle approche du rap au Florida

In concert at the Florida Friday night, the duo Hic Svnt Dracones will open for Rudeboy. Meeting with two enthusiasts who tried to rethink rap.

They are brand new to the Lot-et-Garonne music scene. Mounir Haouari and Tom Françoise set up their project Hic Svnt (pronounced sunt) Dracones around their passion for rap and video. To their credit, they have two tracks that explore human duality: we all have a part of good and a part of bad. The theme is a metaphor around old world maps. This is where they get their name from. “Where the dragons are” is an expression that referred to dangerous areas on medieval maps.

An atmosphere of fire

“Finding a group name is difficult”, laughs Tom Françoise, on drums and loops. “We didn’t want to take an English-speaking name because we sing in French. And we needed a mysterious name, because of our fascination with mystery”. The representation of unknown territories in cartography is therefore timely to describe their attraction of the unexplored. This dimension of strange, unusual, is found in their sound. “Mounir has a traditional approach to rap and hip-hop,” says Tom. “When we met, we quickly realized that we speak the same language. We don’t really like to put a label on a genre. That’s why when we talk about our music, we call it du progressive rap. It’s true that rap and hip-hop take with them curious jazz nuances tinged with world music, with touches of electric guitar, violin and bandoneon.

But on stage, how to reproduce such an atmosphere? Tom and Mounir chose to remain as a duo during their performances; the tapes are therefore recorded and broadcast during the concert.

A music that looks like them

The release of their first album, “Unknown Land”, coincides with their concert in Florida. At a time when music can only be listened to in streaming (or, for the stubborn, in the form of a CD during car rides), they made a symbolic choice: to release it also in vinyl format!

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“Vinyl is a beautiful object, and we are attached to graphic art, and vinyl leaves a trace!”, begin the two artists. “With Hic Svnt Dracones we want to have fun. The goal is to make music that sounds like us. If people like it, great – and it’s great to have a connection with an audience, otherwise, sorry, we’ll don’t change our tune!”.

They are impatiently waiting for their concert at the Florida on Friday night, especially because they are opening for Rudeboy, none other than the original singer of Urban Dance Squad… Between rock, blues, reggae and hip-hop, this Dutch group from the late 80s inspired Rage Against the Machine, among others. On tour with early DJ DNA, they will bring Urban’s most explosive classics to life. And it is an understatement to say that they made noise in Europe, thirty years ago… Initiated or not, you are warmly expected.

To be seen at 20:30, Friday 30 September. Reservations on site, by phone at 05 53 47 59 54, or by e-mail: [email protected]



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