Saturday, September 11, 2021 | 16: 00hs.

At the age of 89, Herminia Weimbaum, the mother of the hosts of “MDQ for the whole world”, Eugenio and Sebastián “Culini” Weimbaum, died in Mar del Plata, and who also made regular appearances on the television cycle.

“Dear friends: Herminia left yesterday, our example of life!”, The drivers confirmed this Friday in their official Instagram account, in a text accompanied by a photo of the woman surrounded by her seven children and her grandchildren.

According to the Weimbaum, Herminia was “a beautiful woman with a unique heart”: “She crossed the most difficult roads with joy, firmness, love and optimism. If we did not have a roof, she convinced us that it was beautiful because you could see the stars. .. and, as always, he was right! “

“Mother of the soul !: You will always be present, because your light will continue to illuminate our path, that of your grandchildren, great-grandchildren and of all the people who were lucky enough to know you personally or enjoy you through the screen. we love with all our hearts !! Have a good trip and see you soon! “, they concluded.

Herminia Weinbaum was 89 years old and had become a television revelation after her appearance on the program that Eugenio and “Culini” host.

Herminia lived in an apartment in the Mar del Plata area of ​​Playa Chica, on Aristóbulo del Valle street, and she was a person very loved by neighbors, merchants and the entire neighborhood for the joy she radiated.

“The old woman did a kind of sketch (she laughed at her children) and everyone liked it. As soon as Nico (Codevilla) saw her, he suggested that we keep putting it on. On the street they tell her there goes MDQ’s mother” , recalled Tincho Weinbaum, producer of the cycle.

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