Here’s how to reset the beating on your bill

The owners of the social bonus will benefit from a fund of 912 million euros which should, at least in part, stem the impact of the expected increases in electricity and gas bills: according to estimates by the Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment, they would be approximately 3 million households affected by the discounts on the electricity bill and 2.5 million households to take advantage of the gas bonus. The amount of this compensation, which will be added in the first quarter of 2022 to the quota already foreseen for the beneficiaries of the discount in the bill, was defined by Arera.

Electric bonus

As already envisaged for the “ordinary” allowance, the amount of compensation will also vary according to the composition of the family unit. Following the tables published by Arera it can be seen that for families made up of only two members, the quarterly compensation will be equal to 134.10 euros, which will be added to the 128 euros bonus already guaranteed. The cores with 3-4 members will instead benefit from an increase of 163.80 euros (in addition to the 151 already foreseen). For even larger families, i.e. over 4 members, the compensation will reach € 192.60, which will be added to the 177 already guaranteed.

Again with regard to electricity bills, increases are also envisaged for holders of the bonus for physical discomfort, the expected benefit, as Arera specifies, for “all domestic customers suffering from serious illness or domestic customers with electricity supply where a person suffering from serious illness lives, forced to use electromedical equipment necessary for keeping them alive”.

The supplementary compensation determined for the “minimum band”, that is up to 600 kWh per year, will be equal to 43.20 euros. For the “middle range” (between 600-1200 kWh per year) the increase will be 77.40 euros, while the bands with consumption above 1200 kWh per year will benefit from an increase of 111.60 euros.

Bonus gas

As is known, the amount of this benefit depends on the category of use associated with the supply of gas, on the climatic zone of reference and, obviously, also on the number of members of the family unit benefiting from the service.

The supplementary compensation provided by Arera for families up to 4 members who use the service “for domestic hot water and / or cooking” will be 54.90 euros for all climatic zones, from A to F. For “domestic hot water and / or use of cooking + heating “, the increase will be € 134.10 for climate zones A / B, € 197.10 for zone C, € 296.10 for zone D, € 405 for zone E, € 474, 30 euros for zone F.

Units with more than 4 members will benefit from a surcharge of € 100.80 for “domestic hot water and / or cooking use” in all climatic zones, from A to F. For “domestic hot water and / or cooking use + heating “, the increase will be € 281.70 for climate zones A / B, € 372.60 for zone C, € 513.90 for zone D, € 666.90 for zone E, € 756 for zone F. For heating use only, the amounts will be as follows: 180.90 euros for zones A / B, 271.80 euros for zone C, 413.10 for zone D, 566.10 euros for zone E and 655.20 euros for zone F.


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