Here’s how to get rich with a vacant lot: “crazy”

An abandoned land is certainly not a “symptom” of a flourishing economic condition of the place, even if in the course of human history even flourishing businesses and societies have had to “cut” costs in some specific historical moments. This was even more evident especially in moments marked by issues and crises such as the pandemic. Can an abandoned territory be “converted” to a new (or old) use, so as to obtain a new income?

How to do?

The answer can undoubtedly be affirmative, even if as easily understood, not all abandoned lands are “convenient” to be re-evaluated. Various parameters and factors must be taken into consideration, starting from the purely logistic ones (trivially, where the land is located and how it is “connected”) to those more exquisitely linked to what we intend to do.
When one thinks of a land, one can think of businesses, companies, but also crops and livestock, as well as sports fields.

It is essential not to follow one’s own will only but to exploit a land according to the possibility it can give.

Here’s how to get rich with abandoned land: “crazy”

Virtually every area of ​​the country has a fair amount of abandoned land. Generally those further away from urban centers are more “compatible” for agricultural use, while the more “citizen” ones are better suited for sports use, for example by converting them to soccer fields, tennis and padel.

In the context of cultivation, it is advisable to exploit trends: types of products that have returned to fashion for some years thanks to the “boom” of products bio they have certainly influenced the market and provided opportunities for small farmers too.

Land can be bought, perhaps at a favorable price if it is in not so good condition. In some cases it is also possible to obtain it free of charge by donation. It is always advisable to contact the municipality directly if the land does not appear to be owned by anyone: through usucapione it is possible to acquire ownership after 10 years of unclaimed use.



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