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This week in “Here everything begins”, Lisandro and Anaïs have finally given in to their feelings. But how will this relationship evolve? And will they be able to live out their love in the open despite the obstacles? Agustin Galiana tells us everything.

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AlloCiné: Did you know for a long time that a merger was going to take place between Lisandro and Anaïs?

Agustin Galiana : No, I was surprised. In my head, from the start of Here it all begins, I said to myself “For sure, a teacher will experience a story with a student at some point”. But I never thought it was going to fall on Lisandro (laughs). Especially since the authors had started a little story between Marta and Teyssier, so I told myself that it was settled, that there might not be another teacher-student relationship. And finally if!

The authors decided to take this even further. And when they told us that it was going to be Anaïs and Lisandro, and that something really big was going to happen, I was obviously surprised. I had no idea how it was going to work out on the public side, because this kind of relationship can quickly be seen as twisted. But, at the end of the day, I feel like viewers are already coming to terms with this love affair. And I even have the feeling that they wanted it. So that’s great. This relationship is very well brought about and we want to know how things will evolve between them.

You had not filmed with Julie Sassoust before and this plot obviously gives you the opportunity to share many sequences. Is it a nice gift from the production?

Yes, Julie is a very good actress. She works a lot. We’re both on the same page. So it’s great to play with a good actress who has the same desires as you. She was happy to play with me. In any case, that’s what she told me (laughs). She was fully on that arch. It was a nice surprise to have this plot to play together, we were really delighted.

What is interesting is that the return of Fanny, Lisandro’s ex, could have been another obstacle in this relationship, in order to make the suspense last. And finally, on the contrary, his presence at the institute allowed Lisandro and Anaïs to open their eyes to their respective feelings …

Completely. We thought that Fanny (Anaïs Fabre) was going to prevent the development of this budding romance, and in the end it was the other way around. Fanny triggered Lisandro’s envy, she pushed him, in a certain way, to follow through on his feelings for Anaïs. What he did not allow himself at first, because there were a lot of constraints for him.

This relationship with Anaïs could endanger him. He is so rigorous in his work, so professional, that he did not want to have a relationship with a student. Because for him it goes beyond the framework of this relationship of authority that there is between a teacher and a pupil. And he already had a relationship with Fanny, who was his colleague at the time, so he knows that it’s not easy to mix love and work.

And then, of course, recently he almost lost his job, lost custody of his son, so he knows one more misstep could cost him dearly. It’s a risky relationship for Lisandro. So, will love be able to overcome the fear it feels and the dangers that this relationship represents? Is Lisandro going to take all the risks out of love and let himself be carried away by this whirlwind? We will find out soon.

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This week, Anaïs and Lisandro finally kissed for the first time. How will this relationship evolve in the next episodes of Here It All Begins?

From that moment on, we’re going to have the right to a real love story. Anaïs and Lisandro are like two magnets, they inexorably attract each other. They can’t seem to go against their feelings. Even if Lisandro did everything to slow down this rapprochement, it is really Anaïs who will get closer to him and who will trigger the “love machine”.

And we are going to follow a love story between two people who love each other, who admire each other a lot. We will see them try to hide to find each other. But they are going to have a lot of trouble because someone is going to see them and will witness their romance. It’s going to be a great story, but it’s going to cause them a lot of problems.

Will they manage to live their story in broad daylight?

This is a real problem: they are not free to love each other. And even if for them it has an exciting side to hide and live their story on the sly, it will gradually become a problem. Especially since if it ends up being known within the institute, things can really get complicated for them. For Anaïs of course, compared to the other students. What will his comrades think? And how will Enzo (Azize Diabate) react if he finds out the truth?

And for Lisandro, it’s even more complicated. If his ex-wife finds out he’s with a 20-year-old student, she risks passing him off as someone unhealthy and using it against him to get custody of Esteban. And how will Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) and Myriel (Frédéric Diefenthal) react? It’s a real problem for Lisandro and Anaïs. But despite all these obstacles, in the end, for Lisandro and Anaïs, love will eventually triumph over everything. All of these problems will be nothing compared to the love they feel for each other.

But I admit that what scares me a little about this plot is that it gives ideas to young people who watch the series and that all the students who are in love with one of their teachers end up saying it (laughs) . It’s going to screw up all over France! But I find it a very beautiful love story. The writers wrote some great sequences. And they started it in a very smart way because this relationship is not shocking. There is something natural, there is a real connection between them.

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At the same time, Anaïs also has to face the return of Moriers, a Double A client who had attacked her a few months ago and who is seeking revenge. She feels in danger. Is Lisandro going to be there for her in these difficult times? Will he try to protect her?

Obviously. Lisandro is going to be there for her. But we must not minimize the role of Anaïs in this plot, because I find that she is a young woman who has a lot of strength. Already in the context of their romantic relationship, it was she who took the first step. She makes Lisandro understand that they really like each other, she tells him “Stop, that’s enough, let’s stop pretending there is nothing between us”, and she kisses him. She rushes. She takes risks. And it’s not easy for a young woman who is undergoing crazy pressure in a gastronomy school like the Auguste Armand Institute.

And in relation to this client, Lisandro will support her, yes, but Anaïs is not going to let it go. She will show that she is not a weak person. And she will face Moriers. It’s really interesting. And that’s also why Lisandro is in love with this girl. Because there is a maturity, a strength, a professionalism, and a courage in Anaïs that we do not find in all the students.

Do you think Lisandro and Anaïs have a future together?

I would very much like. We shot this arch in a month and a half, two months, and it was very intense but also very nice to shoot all these sequences with Julie. We really tried to tell a beautiful love story. A passionate relationship, where they cannot fight their feelings.

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Clem was recently renewed for a 12 season. Do you know when will start filming?

Yes, season 12 of Clem has been confirmed by TF1, we are delighted. We resume shooting on July 19 and we will try to give a little more light to the series by shooting during the summer. So as not to be wearing scarves and hats all the time (laughs). Clem is a luminous series at the base, which is somewhat reminiscent of Spain. We are the children of a Spanish woman after all. A little sun it can only do good for the series.

Can you say anything about these new episodes of Clem?

At the moment, we don’t know anything at all. But I think it’s going to be a fresh start, once again. All I can say is things are going to be a bit more stable this year and the writers are going to focus more on the main characters. A priori. This is the only information I have so far.

Do you have other projects, as an actor or music side?

I finally started my Plein Soleil tour on May 22, so I will be giving concerts until the end of the year. And I’m already preparing a new album, so the idea will then be to go back on stage, surely in 2022, with another show to highlight this next album.

We are also awaiting the release of Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud’s film, Les Cobayes, with Judith Chemla and Thomas Ngijol. It will be presented at the Cabourg Film Festival and should be released in September. And of course I continue Here it all begins, with a second season. He is a character that I like a lot, who brings me a lot as an actor and gives me real freedom of interpretation. This series is a real challenge for me.

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