Here is the (TRUE) 2021 address of the Download Zone site 👍

For those who want to illegally download series, films or video games, Download Zone is the place to go. However, the address changes regularly …

Many Internet users have been asking this question regularly in recent months. Indeed, the Download Zone site is forced to change address due to legislation, but it also faces a real clone war. What seriously complicate the task.

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The madness of illegal downloading

In recent years, the range of streaming, VOD or replay content has grown considerably in France, whether on computer, tablet or directly on your smart TV or smartphone. Amazon Prime Video, Disney + or Netflix now offer a particularly large and constantly updated catalog. However, some content is still inaccessible in France or some people refuse to pay. It is with this in mind that sites like Zone-Download, the largest illegal direct download platform in France, continues to thrive.

Zone-Download History

Zone-Downloads was launched in 2012 and has been a refuge particularly appreciated by the French for many years. If the Hadopi law and the beneficiaries notably contributed to the disappearance of Emule, direct downloading is more difficult to detect. It is also impossible to put an end to it, as was the case with a centralized site like Megaupload.

The law under attack in 2016

In 2016, Zone-Download was at its peak with no less than 3.7 million people connecting to it per month. It is quite simply the eleventh most visited site in France. Faced with the scale of the phenomenon, the gendarmerie finally intervened and several people were arrested and prosecuted. However, like The Pirate Bay, another site reappeared less than 24 hours later. Too often, authorities are struggling with the particularly volatile nature of this type of site. It is enough to host it in another country to escape the authorities.

Download-Zone renews itself

At first, the new site, in .ws, was not really up to date, in particular because of the DL-Protect web system, used to avoid copyright infringement.. Then, other models appeared, in particular such as, which has been shown to be very effective for a while.

New url: or (accessible via a VPN or by changing your DNS)

Update June 2021: download zone still works but it is blocked by DNS for some (to solve the problem, change your DNS or use a VPN). In order to verify that the zt-za site still works with functional DNS, just check on

Interesting alternatives:
extreme-down or wawacity or zone-download or zone-directory or directory-download

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Download Zone, victim of hacking

A few months ago, the entire database of the Zone-Download site was hacked and is now exploited by people not necessarily well-intentioned. In the weeks that followed, a multitude of small, almost similar sites have appeared, including variations on the address. The official site itself does not hesitate to regularly change its habits, in order to stay at the top of searches on Google and other engines. However, this behavior and the illegal nature of the site regularly plunge users into doubt. Faced with clones and the law, the site continues to regularly change address. A strategy that therefore presents risks and in the face of which the creators have deployed a new strategy.

A single address for Zone-Downloads in 2021

These last months, regulars could count on an automatic redirection system in order to arrive at the correct version of Zone-Download. Thus, addresses of the type appeared. From one user to another, the X could be replaced by a number from 1 to 10. Multiple variations on this model then appeared, but this strategy will now come to an end.

What is the new official address of Zone-Downloads?

So how do you know which is the correct Download Zone address? At the beginning of the year, we had to go to to be able to access the various content offered through the illegal direct download platform. From now on, it is via (accessible via VPN, in Spain for example) or that users must connect automatically. Those who had an account on one of the old platforms can continue to use it in the same way. The creators also promise to do away with pop-ups, these unwanted advertisements in order to ” make the site as pleasant as possible, as it always should have been ».

Who is behind the new Download Zone?

If we are talking about an official site, however, nothing guarantees that it is the team of the first site that is behind this new version. After the trouble with the law, the case naturally became much more complex..

Zone-Download ZT ZA address new url 2021

No changes for the site

Note that the operation for its part has not changed. To download content, you just have to go to the site, select the content that interests you and click on the link of the host that suits you best (1fichier, Uptobox, Rapidgator…). While for some content this is allowed, it is also illegal behavior for many copyrighted works.. Downloading remains unauthorized today by French law.

What address for Zone-Legal Download?

Moreover, if you want to remain legal, the site is an interesting alternative. Indeed, this platform also functions as a directory of links for films and series. However, rather than encouraging you to download illegally as a Download-Zone, you are referred to official platforms. For example, you can watch The Joker by purchasing the DVD on Amazon or streaming it on iTunes.

How does Zone-Downloads work?

Concretely, once on the Zone-Downloads site, all you have to do is search to find the content that interests you. All you have to do is choose the host that suits you best to quickly download the content of your choice.. Among these hosts, we find in particular Uptobox. 1ficher, Rapidgator, etc.

Zone-Downloads is it legal?

Yes and no. In absolute terms, Zone-Download is legal, because file sharing is not illegal in itself. Where the site is positioned illegally is with what users do with the platform. Indeed, the vast majority of shared files do not respect copyrights. This explains the concerns of the platform with the justice system and in particular HADOPI for users.

Downloading movies via the platform versus legal streaming?

This is where it all plays out and you will decide if you fall into illegality and the risks involved or not. If these are copyright-free files, no problem. If it is a work protected by copyright then downloading via the platform places you in illegality.. Unless you use a VPN, you could fall on the HADOPI radar and trouble could start. Legal streaming is then the solution, but it has to be paid for.

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