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The compulsive need for physical love is officially recognized as a pathological disorder. A disturbance increased throughout the UK because of the lockdowns, as reported by the English tabloid The Sun, since the conditions of social isolation have led many people to “develop addiction.” To study the phenomenon were the experts of Delamere Health, who they discovered the psychological impact on the daily life of a person suffering from this disorder. In addition, according to the UK health system, some people may be dependent on sex and sexual activity as a response to negative emotions and difficult experiences.

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According to Sun, there are eight signs of addiction. First of all, obsessive thinking, which actually affects most addictions, such as for food, gambling, work or shopping. Delamere Health experts said sex addicted people have a hard time focusing on anything else. Secondly, there would be a need to have sex, so the brain of an obsessed person forces him to practice it even if there is a high probability of negative consequences. The third sign is the excessive time spent in sexual intercourse.

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According to experts, then, one can speak of a disorder when engaging in sexual activity up to physical pain. And not only. Other signs are loss of control over sex and the progression of sexual experiences. Finally, the exclusion of other activities, social or sporting, and the inability to stop despite any negative consequences are also to be considered alarm bells.

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