Here is the revolutionary Infinitum electric motor: the best on the market thanks to the molded stator

The growing demand for electrification components has also rekindled the research and development of new solutions, giving new life to a sector that had essentially been at a standstill for several years. A very interesting case, recently made headlines, is that of the US Infinitumwhich has developed an electric motor with first-rate performance, but with very small size and weight.

Il motore IE, as it is called, it can be used in many different sectors, due to its versatility and modularity. Infinitum looks with great interest to the sector of commercial and industrial vehiclesbut its product can end up, for example, even in large air conditioning systems, thanks to its extreme silence.

What makes the product unique is the totally different approach to traditional engines. We are not in the presence of a traditional stator, with a steel core and copper windings, but instead we have what Infinitum defines “molded stator“, with a PCB board that encloses the copper coils inside. Two different rotors are then combined with this, before and after the stator, which are also flat and compact. Here is how the “air core motor“.

The operation then controlled by the variable frequency drive (VFD), which always tries to make the motor work at the lowest possible speeds, reducing the energy required. The VFD works up to 200 kHz, further decreasing the audible noise, already low thanks to the architecture. Complete the picture another card, with IoT systemso that the engine can receive OTA updates as a separate component.

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Infinity IE

According to Infinitum, all of these features would make their engine the most powerful on the market, in proportion to size and weight. The important thing that even investors seem to believe in is, after several funding rounds, Infinitum raised $ 135 million, which will be used to expand the workforce in the American offices, and automate production processes in the factory in Mexico. The agreements for possible orders already have a potential turnover of 900 million.

There are several important names that have decided to invest in the air-core motor: we find, among others, Chevron Technology, Rockwell Automation and Caterpillar Venture Capital Ventures. The high performances, combined with dimensions and contained costs, make the unit very promising for industrial applications and in working machines.



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