Here is the program with all the races of the 2023 World Ski Championships in France

Here is the program with all the races of the 2023 World Ski Championships in France

Can we beat the Austrians? Everyone who is watching the Alpine World Ski Championships in France is asking this question. On these dates, the Swiss have to prove our supremacy in the Alps.

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Marco Odermatt, Corinne Suter and Co. should do even better than in 2021 and show the Austrians how to ski this year. In France there are 13 gold, silver and bronze medals. You can find the results of the races and the medal table here.

We have put together an overview with the dates and start times of all races for you here:

The program

These are the next races at the Alpine Ski World Championships:

Sunday, February 19: Solom Men

Ort: Courchevel

Tee times:
1st run: 10:00 a.m
2nd run: 1:30 p.m

Podium 2021:

  1. 🇸🇯 Sebastian Foss Solevaag 🥇
  2. 🇦🇹 Adrian Pertl 🥈
  3. 🇸🇯 Henrik Kristoffersen 🥉

past races

Slalom women (February 18)

  1. 🇨🇦 Laurence St-Germain 🥇
  2. 🇺🇲 Mikaela Shiffrin 🥈
  3. 🇬🇧 Lena Dürr 🥉

Swiss rankings: Aline Danioth (6th) and Camille Rast (27th)

You can find more information about the race here.

Giant Slalom Men (February 17)

  1. 🇨🇭 Marco Odermatt 🥇
  2. 🇨🇭 Loic Meillard 🥈
  3. 🇦🇹 Marco Schwarz 🥉

Other Swiss placements: Gino Caviezel (9th) and Thomas Tumler (18th)

You can find more information about the race here.

Giant Slalom Women (February 16)

  1. 🇺🇲 Mikaela Shiffrin 🥇
  2. 🇬🇧 Federica Brignone 🥈
  3. 🇸🇯 Ragnhild Mowinckel 🥉

Other Swiss placements: Lara Gut-Behrami (4th), Camille Rast (14th), Wendy Holdener (18th), Michelle Gisin (28th), Out in the 1st run: Andrea Ellenberger

You can find more information about the race here.

Parallel Men (February 15)

  1. 🇩🇪 Alexander Schmid 🥇
  2. 🇦🇹 Dominik Raschner 🥈
  3. 🇸🇯 Timon Haugan 🥉
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No Swiss could qualify for the final round of the parallel races.

Parallel Women (February 15)

  1. 🇸🇯 Maria Tviberg 🥇
  2. 🇨🇭 Wendy Holdener 🥈
  3. 🇸🇯 Thea Louise Stjernesund 🥉

The Swiss Camille Rast and Andrea Ellenberger were eliminated in the round of 16.

You can find more information about the parallel races here.

Parallel Team (February 14)

Podium 2023:

  1. 🇺🇲 USA 🥇
  2. 🇸🇯 Norway 🥈
  3. 🇨🇦 Canada 🥉

Switzerland (with Wendy Holdener, Andrea Ellenberger, Semyel Bissig and Livio Simonet) Canada had to admit defeat in the quarter-finals.

You can find more information about the race here.

Downhill men (February 12)

Podium 2023:

  1. 🇨🇭 Marco Odermatt 🥇
  2. 🇸🇯 Aleksander Kilde 🥈 +0.48s
  3. 🇨🇦 Cameron Alexander 🥉 +0.89s

Other Swiss placements: Niels Hintermann (12th), Justin Murisier (12th) and Alexis Monney (18th)

You can find more information about the race here.

Downhill Women (February 11)

Podium 2023:

  1. 🇨🇭 Jasmine Flury 🥇
  2. 🇦🇹 Nina Ortlieb 🥈 +0.04s
  3. 🇨🇭 Corinne Suter 🥉 +0,12s

Swiss rankings: Lara Gut-Behrami (9th), Priska Nufer (11th) and Joana Hählen (17th)

You can find more information about the race here.

Super-G Men (February 9)

Podium 2023:

  1. 🇨🇦 James Crawford 🥇
  2. 🇸🇯 Aleksander Source 🥈 +0.01s
  3. 🇨🇵 Alexis Pinturault 🥉 +0,26s

Swiss rankings: Marco Odermatt (4th), Loïc Meillard (8th) and Stefan Rogentin (17th)

You can find more information about the race here.

Super-G Women (February 8)

The 2023 podium:

  1. 🇬🇧 Marta Bassino 🥇
  2. 🇺🇲 Mikaela Shiffrin 🥈 +0,11s
  3. 🇦🇹 Cornelia Hütter / 🇸🇯 Kajsa Vickhoff Lie 🥉 +0.33s

Swiss rankings: Lara Gut-Behrami (6th), Michelle Gisin (10th), Joana Haehlen (13th), Corinne Suter (20th) and Jasmine Flury (22nd)

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You can find more information about the race here.

Combination Men (February 7th)

The 2023 podium:

  1. 🇨🇵 Alexis Pinturault 🥇
  2. 🇦🇹 Marco Schwarz 🥈 +0.1s
  3. 🇦🇹 Raphael Haaser 🥉 +0.44s

Swiss rankings: Loic Meillard (6.)

You can find more information about the race here.

Combination Women (February 6)

epa10450951 Wendy Holdener of Switzerland reacts in the finish area during the Slalom run of the Women's Alpine Combined event at the FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships in Meribel, France, 06 Febru ...

She wins Switzerland’s first medal: Wendy Holdener takes second place in the combination.Bild: keystone

The 2023 podium:

  1. 🇬🇧 Federica Brignone 🥇
  2. 🇨🇭 Wendy Holdener 🥈 +1.62s
  3. 🇦🇹 Ricarda Haaser 🥉 +2.26s

Other Swiss placements: Michelle Gisin (6th) and Priska Nufer (12th)

You can find more information about the race here.

the essentials in brief

When will the 2023 World Ski Championships take place?

The races start on February 6th with the women’s alpine combination. The last race is on 19th of February, then the men drive the slalom. In between, ski races take place every day, only February 10th and 13th are days off (however, downhill training takes place on the 10th).

Where is the Alpine Ski World Championship held?

Mikaela Shiffrin of the United States celebrates after winning an alpine ski, women's World Cup parallel slalom in Courchevel, France, Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017. (AP Photo/Marco Tacca)

Mikaela Shiffrin beim Parallel-Slalom in Courchevel 2017.Image: AP/AP

The Alpine World Ski Championships are taking place in France this year. The races will be in the two ski areas Courchevel and Meribelheld just south of the Swiss border in Savoy.

Who are the favorites this year?

If you look at the national ranking of the Ski World Cup 2022/23, the case is reasonably clear: Switzerland is favourite. Even without our best driver, Marco Odermatt, we would still be ahead of the Austrians. But: A lot can happen at such an event and the Austrians, the Norwegians, the Italians or even a surprising outsider could spit in the soup of the Swiss.

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Who is Switzerland sending to the World Ski Championships?

Among other things, according to the watson forecast, the following Swiss will drive to the World Cup:

  • Women (10 starting places):
    Andrea Ellenberger, Camille Rast, Corinne Suter, Jasmin Flury, Joana Hählen, Lara Gut-Behrami, Michelle Gisin, Priska Nufer, Aline Danioth and Wendy Holdener
  • Men (14 starting places):
    Gino Caviezel, Niels Hintermann, Loïc Meillard, Alexis Monney, Justin Murisier, Marco Odermatt, Stefan Rogentin, Gilles Roulin, Thomas Tumler, Daniel Yule, Ramon Zenhousen, Marc Rochat, Luca Aerni, Fadri Janutin.

Who won the last World Cup?

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Sergio Bisi/LiveMedia/Shutterstock 11755997d KRIECHMAYR Vincent AUT 2021 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, Super G Men, Cortina, Italy - 11 Feb 2021 2021 FIS Alpine World  ...

The Austrians were simply better in 2021. Vincent Kriechmayr, for example, became world champion in the Super-G. Bild: imago images/Shutterstock

The 2021 event in Cortina d’Ampezzo (Italy) was extremely bitter for Switzerland. nemesis Austria won the nations classification with five to three gold medals ahead of us, although we won more metal overall with 9 to 8 medals.

Vincent Kriechmayr, Mathieu Faivre and Sebastian Foss Solevag each won two men’s gold medals. Among the women, Lara Gut-Behrami and Katharina Liensberger were the most successful riders – also with two gold medals each.

How often is there a Ski World Championship?

The World Ski Association FIS has been organizing the Alpine World Ski Championships since 1985 biennial cycle. The first took place in 1931 in the Bernese Oberland.

Most wins in the Ski World Cup

1 / 24

Most wins in the Ski World Cup

quelle: epa scanpix / cornelius poppe

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