Here is the list of foods that promote your healthy cholesterol level!

There are a multitude of foods. Some have beneficial effects on your body, while others do not bring anything very interesting for the latter, which can give rise, in the long term, to several health concerns. For example, foods containing fat are not good when eaten daily. Some increase the risk of developing bad cholesterol, while others will have a beneficial effect by increasing the good cholesterol.

What is good cholesterol?

In our body, there are many specific names that can be used to designate certain substances, or molecules.

So you can quickly get lost in this labyrinth of names, which can sometimes be quite difficult to remember or understand.

However, be aware that some names are sometimes quite similar, such as when talking about good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

This name can also be scary, but be aware that there are two kinds. Here we will see what good cholesterol is, otherwise known as HDL.

In other words, high density lipoprotein cholesterol helps clear other bad forms of cholesterol from the body.

Thus, it should be known that our organism can manufacture itself the cholesterol that it needs. However, the foods we eat every day are forms of cholesterol that it can affect.

But certain foods can increase good cholesterol, thus allowing our body to eliminate more bad cholesterol!

Foods That Increase Good Cholesterol!

There are a multitude of foods that provide different nutrients to our body.

Some are known to be able to provide prevention against certain cancers and certain diseases such as diabetes. But other foods have little or no beneficial effects on your body, such as those that are too sweet or too fatty.

Foods rich in fiber

These foods are very beneficial in being able to fight bad cholesterol by increasing the good one.

Regarding the latter, soluble fiber in the diet reduces the absorption of cholesterol and bile acids that the liver uses to make the latter.

Thus, we find oatmeal, beans such as lentils and peas. There are also apples, avocados and artichokes.

By consuming them on a regular basis, it drastically reduces the level of bad cholesterol.

Unsaturated fats for the good cholesterol!

These make it possible to manage the level of bad cholesterol present in the body, while increasing that of the good.

If we consume them on a daily basis, then we can have a drastic reduction in that regard.

Ingredients that contain unsaturated fats include avocados, olives, nuts and seeds. But also vegetable oils and fatty fish, such as salmon and sardines.

Other foods!

If you want to keep your diet, it is possible to turn to other foods that have this ability.

Thus, one can find poultry without skin, which helps to reduce the presence of fat in the body. Lean meats and fruits and vegetables are also very important to be able to increase the level of good cholesterol.

Other very important tips!

But knowing how to increase good cholesterol levels isn’t just about eating healthy and eating healthy foods on a regular basis.

It is also a daily work, which it is necessary to do in order not to increase the bad cholesterol.

Thus, you can exercise a sport on a regular basis, which will allow you to bring many benefits to your body in general.

Maintain your weight moderately can also reduce its rate. In addition to that, you will prevent your body from changing too much body size, allowing at the same time to bring a very important balance.

Stop smoking is also a great way to keep your cholesterol levels steady and healthy. In addition, tobacco brings many health problems and also remains a drug which is highly addictive.

Have quality sleep not only has beneficial effects on your cholesterol, but also many beneficial effects for your body in general.

Now you have all the advice to be able to maintain the level of good cholesterol in your body and avoid many health concerns.



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