Another round, another retreat. In this case the Ministry of Health, which issued the recall notices relating to two batches of mussels cooked in the Taranto style and mussels cooked in a marinara style. The products concerned, as underlined by, bear the Marinsieme Idea and Aquolina brands.

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The recall is due to the “serious risk to the health of consumers due to danger of acute toxicity from biotoxins algal DSP (okadaic acid) (exceeding the acute reference dose of 160 micrograms / kg) “. To be precise, the products subject to recall and withdrawal are those sold in trays of 400 grams, net weight. Below are the lot numbers :

– Mussels cooked in Taranto style and Marinsieme Idea marinara style with lot number 211001 and expiry date 01/10/2021.

-Cooked mussels Tarantina and Aquolina marinara with lot number 2021/98361 and expiry date 01/10/2021.

It’s still,, recalls how the above-mentioned cooked mussels were produced by Mancin Nadia Srl, in the factory in via Romena Nuova 53, in the Rivà district of Ariano nel Polesine, in the province of Rovigo (identification mark IT 90 CE). As always in these cases, the recommendation, as a precaution, is to do not consume products with the lot numbers and expiration date indicated, therefore, to return them to the point of sale where they were purchased for replacement or refund.

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