Paris Hilton does nothing quietly. His marriage to Carter Reum lasted three days, for a total of six changes of clothes (HERE you can find them all), between luxury and extravagance. The bachelorette party in Las Vegas was no exception, including striptease and exclusive dinners. Could the socialite save herself for the honeymoon? Obviously not.

Il world tour di Paris

Define that of “honeymoon” Paris Hilton e Carter Reum it is definitely an understatement. The couple announced they have started a world tour that will last weeks. The first stop is Bora Bora, in the Pacific Ocean. In one of the videos posted by Hilton a few days ago, the groom expressed a desire to see the Northern Lights and swim with the whales. Maybe that will come during their long honeymoon, for now the two are enjoying the heat, the white sand, the turquoise waters, the tropical cocktails.

Luxury in Bora Bora

“In the pacific with my love”, writes the new bride, who publishes a slideshow of dream images. There are various outfits chosen for the occasion by Paris Hilton, all very imaginative. Dark glasses of Versace and a body of Cynthia Rowley to bathe with stingrays. And then again, the walks on the pier in a candid white dress, some shots posed with a leopard bikini, the sarong covered with leaves and the kimono with butterflies: Paris does not hold back the joy for her new married life.

Love and… business

All very romantic but also… profitable. Who knows Paris Hilton he knows that the wealthy heiress has a nose for business. She and Carter may be lost on an atoll on the other side of the world but they are certainly not alone. With them there is the troupe that captures every moment for the influencer’s shows, which glue millions of onlookers to social networks and TV. To make everything more cheerful, Paris’s brother is also on vacation with the newlyweds, Barron Hilton and his wife Tessa. Finally, Paris and Carter certainly do not sleep in a random hotel, but in the Hilton family chain, which they never miss an opportunity to sponsor. Two hearts and a hut. Yes, but luxury. It’s business baby!

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