The latest study cited in Anthony William’s “Cleanse to Heal” book explains how this diet can improve our health. The foods to eat and those to avoid

There has often been talk of good and bad fats and the usefulness that fats have in our diet. The latest study cited in Anthony William’s book “Cleanse to Heal”, also published in Italy in the fall, explains how in reality the 9-day fat-free diet can improve our health, help us regain a better weight and detoxify the whole organism.

False myths about food to dispel

We have often heard “I eat fat but good fat”, or “I am sick because I have to eat more protein” or “I am allergic to some foods”, including solanaceae, fruit. Many of these claims are phobias that have no scientific basis. For example in the case of fruit, fruit sugar has been associated with corn-derived fructose syrup (HFCS), refined cane sugar, sucrose, lactose, and other sugars and sweeteners. And in the end it was said, studying part of these, to exclude all sugars. In reality, fruit is a health prodigy due to the high content of anti oxidants and flavonoids.

Start to cultivate fruit culture

A culture begins when millions of people find themselves on a common path, as happened to Anthony William in 2014. In his latest book he indicates to follow a fat-free diet for 9 days with a daily addition of some specific ingredients including two algae (including spirulina, barley grass, wild blueberries, coriander). in conclusion the first step is detox, from heavy metals and antiviral. The program begins with an awakening with freshly extracted celery juice, or water and lemon, or coconut water. Then a fat-free breakfast of a smoothie with banana, orange juice, and the 5 anti-heavy metal ingredients. If you are hungry mid-morning, in addition to eating more bananas, you can have a snack with one mela or blueberries. Lunch follows which can alternate betweenmixed salad with vegetables flavored without oils. Alternating with cucumbers and spinach poured soup, or steamed asparagus. To season, you are looking for orange or lemon juices flavored with garlic. For dinner, preferably by 7pm, mixed salad alternates, steamed vegetables like pumpkin and sweet potatoes, or creamed spinach.

Foods to Avoid

During the 9 days we do not consume fats as we do in a single diet, therefore no nuts, oils, olives, coconut, avocado, animal proteins, seeds. During detox, eggs, gluten, soy, vinegar, fermented food, coffee and alcohol are dispensed with. During the 9 days it is very important to drink, chew well, eat enough of the foods mentioned in the program and maintain a non-hectic life, meditate, do yoga. At the end of the oil-free journey, the fats will be gradually reintroduced, starting with a teaspoon of olive oil per meal, or some olives, or even half an avocado, and slowly also vegetable or animal proteins.

Give the body a few days fat free, explains William, allows us to make ours work better liver and to better assimilate also the nutrients of the food we eat and our remedies. In a short time the skin becomes more beautiful, and our organs are regenerated through the elimination of heavy metals. When we choose a diet or diet we should never put our organs under strain and our adrenal glands is why it is important to maintain the presence at least once a week of carbohydrates called “critical clean carbohydrates”, ie the good ones that nourish our organs, tissues, muscles and nervous system: fruit, honey, pumpkin, potatoes and sweet potatoes, coconut water. This summer, to find our best shape, let’s take a break without fat and rehabilitate some useful carbohydrates.

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