Here comes the € 480 Bonus: here’s how to get it and what it’s valid for

In this period with the ever stronger crisis and galloping inflation, all Italians are looking for bonuses to be able to move forward. While the controversy over the bonus €200 the various social categories try to understand how to get help in relation to their condition. Certainly the Italians suffer from the severe shortage of social aid that help those in difficulty.

The € 480 Bonus

Certainly the families with children and VAT numbers they are particularly exposed to this extremely difficult economic condition.

But a bonus that guarantees reimbursement of expenses from €480 it is definitely a help not to be missed. Among other things, this bonus is without ISEE. There are some criticisms related to bonuses and many believe that helping those in need is wrong but the numbers clearly show how bonuses and aid are needed also because the country risks ending up in recession and more and more Italians are in trouble. Providing reimbursement for expenses incurred is certainly a smart way for the government to help those most in need. Indeed through this bonus particular expenses incurred can be effectively reimbursed by the state.

How to get this Bonus and who it is for

This bonus of up to € 480 goes to help just those exhibitors who must have the Pos. Aid is rather differentiated because vary depending on the type of technology you use. In any case, you can have up to € 480 to get all those tools necessary for payments digital. Therefore, both the expenses will be facilitated with this bonus purchase and rental of POS and connected cash registers with the Revenue Agency.

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The new stringent regulations from July

Recall that from the first of July the shopkeepers they will no longer be able to refuse card and debit card payments and consequently this bonus for merchants can certainly be useful in dealing with this new situation. Also because for the merchant who refuses to pay in cash there is a fine of € 30 increased according to the value purchase and therefore certainly these refusals will no longer be possible.


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