Reducing the energy bill. The government has not forgotten the most vulnerable households, nearly one million of them (two million people), the definition having been broadened with the health crisis. To combat the explosion of the energy bill (the increase is estimated at more than 700 € per year), the social tariff has been extended until the end of March 2022. We add an energy check of 80 € which will be deducted from the bill for this million most vulnerable households before the end of this year. A special fund for CPAS will be set up (for those who have difficulty paying their bills). What about other households? The federal contribution appearing in the gas and electricity bill (5% of this bill) will be converted into excise duties. The government will then be able to lower them in the event of a surge in prices, which would reduce families’ bills by € 30 to € 50 per year.

The four-day week. It will therefore be possible to work four days a week, but without reducing working time; we will stay on 38 hour schedules. This would therefore correspond to 9.5 hour days. An agreement in principle has been reached. It should be the subject of discussions with the social partners.

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The disappearance of the medical certificate. It will no longer be needed for a one-day illness … But no more than three times a year. The aim is to reduce the administrative burden for doctors. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be exempt from this measure, explained Deputy Prime Minister Groen, Petra De Sutter. UCM and Unizo have expressed their fears of seeing an increase in “Monday absences”.

Taxes on airline tickets for short trips. These flights had been in the crosshairs for a long time. The principle has therefore been enacted: flights of less than 500 kilometers will be targeted, in order to discourage business travel to Paris or London by plane as much as possible. The “boarding tax” should bring the public treasury 30 million euros (5 or 6 € per plane ticket?). Will this tax be payable if I take a flight to Canada that takes me through a stopover in London? ” It is too early to tell. Now that there is an agreement on the principle, the experts will work on the concretization of the measure ”, one says to the office of the Minister of Mobility, Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo).

Long-term patients may be sanctioned.


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