Here are some techniques that can help you calm an asthma attack quickly.

Asthma attacks can be a source of intense anxiety and panic. In case of aggravating symptoms, it is necessary to call a doctor urgently. However, without Ventolin, there are a few techniques that can help you calm an asthma attack quickly. Here are 4 reflexes to adopt.

Asthma affects millions of French people. And this pathology can be very dangerous for those who suffer from it. With the arrival of spring, pollen, stress or anxiety, it happens that asthma attacks are even more frequent and acute.. That is why in case of symptoms, it is important to consult a doctor urgently. But what are they? Inflammation of the respiratory tract, difficulty breathing, dry cough, rapid and wheezing breathing, anxiety, difficulty speaking or even a feeling of tightness in the chest… the asthma attack manifests itself in different ways and can vary from one person to another. If you do not have Ventolin, or at least you forgot to take it with you, there are some methods and reflexes to adopt to quickly calm an asthma attack. Here are 4.

Do breathing exercises

In the event of an asthma attack, breathing exercises can be a great ally and really help you. Easier said than done, the whole thing is to breathe calmly and evacuate all the anxieties felt. This is because the body’s response to stress can sometimes make symptoms worse. To soothe your crisis, you can practice this method: inhale through your nose, then exhale twice more slowly while keeping your lips pursed. Then inhale calmly through your nose, resting your hands on your belly. Finally, exhale slowly, relaxing your upper body as much as possible. The important thing is to breathe slowly and deeply, without succumbing to panic.

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Have the right posture

In order to facilitate good breathing and allow better air circulation, it is essential to adopt the right posture in the event of an asthma attack. Certain positions can actually make the symptoms or situation worse. Whether you are sitting or lying down, the idea is to stand as straight as possible, so as to open the airways as much as possible. The seated position remains to be preferred in the event of an asthma attack because it is an often relaxing posture, allowing you to have your back straight, while relaxing.

Loosen his clothes

This may seem trivial in the middle of an asthma episode, yet loosening your clothes would be really effective in calming and soothing an attack. Indeed, it allows to open the airways even more. And above all, to feel better and more relaxed. Again, the idea is to facilitate breathing as much as possible so as not to block it further.. For example, you can unbutton your jeans or open your jacket if you feel that it is oppressing you. The goal is always not to panic. But good to make you as comfortable as possible. Although this is not an easy thing to do.

Do not exert physical effort

Not making physical effort may seem obvious in the event of an asthma attack. However, many are those who, under the effect of panic, are agitated in all directions. It is a mistake ! Here again, the important thing is to relax as much as possible and to facilitate breathing. And to avoid any action or activity that could harm it. This is why it is essential not to exert any physical effort during an asthma attack.. Your breathing capacity should be optimized during this episode. You have to find calm, physically, emotionally or mentally.

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