Henry Cavill and his way of looking at Shakira unleashes memes

“I would like to be Shakira so that Henry Cavill He will look at me that way!” This is what many fans of the actor thought when a video went viral in which the protagonist of “Superman” is distracted from an interview when the Colombian appears on the red carpet.

The 2015 video has gone viral in the last few hours, and the way Cavill reacts to seeing the singer has given people something to talk about and unleashed all kinds of memes.

The moment dates back to 2015 during the red carpet of “The Man from UNCLE” (The CIPOL agent), an action film directed by Guy Ritchie.

At that event, Henry was present, and while answering questions from the media, the Briton felt a small stir behind him, turned around and asked the reporter if she was concerned about the Colombian star. Receiving an affirmative answer, Cavill lets out a smile.

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Shakira, I wish I was you!

The reactions of netizens to this peculiar moment have unleashed various memes in which they joke about the actor’s tastes.

“Come to Colombia, you would fall in love.” “Even superheroes ask about Shakira.” “Oh, I died, he likes Latinas,” were some of the comments.






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