The Islamic slaughterhouse Ipekci from Harderwijk and slaughterhouse Henk Worst in Nijkerk are allowed to slaughter 600 to 700 lambs a day halal on Friday and Saturday for the feast of sacrifice that starts on Thursday. According to their lawyer, they can guarantee NVWA medical examiners, who supervise slaughter without stunning, a safe working environment in which stricter rules apply to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“We are allowed to slaughter and have solved it neatly with the NVWA,” says Abdurrahim Ipekci. “We are happy and proud that we can still slaughter. After the summary proceedings, we were called and congratulated by the NVWA. Now that there is an agreement, we are meeting a very large group of people. The sacrificial festival is about tradition and religion, which is why it is so sacred. ”

Initially, the NVWA had little confidence that the corona rules in the slaughterhouses could be complied with during the crowds surrounding the sacrificial feast. The NVWA rejected the companies’ proposals, so that the slaughterhouses were not allowed to sell uncooled lamb to Muslim customers.

The slaughterhouses then instituted summary proceedings and won. Van Kooten: “Under pressure from the judge, the NVWA reassessed the plans. Some commas and points have been adjusted, after which the NVWA agreed. This means that both slaughterhouses can participate in the sacrificial feast. ”