Hendriks about Broch: ‘I sincerely hope that she will reconsider her decision’

Maurits Hendriks, technical director of NOC*NSF, regrets that Yvette Broch is not participating in the Olympic Games. The handball player refuses a corona vaccine and does not want to be restricted in Tokyo. She made this known in conversation with NRC.

“It was painful for me to read,” Hendriks responds. “We stated emphatically at the beginning: we recommend vaccinating, for two reasons. Protection of yourself and your teammates. After all, the consequences of testing positive is exclusion from the Games. Or yours or your team.”

“Secondly, out of respect for the other participants and the people of Japan. That was really asked by Japan. It is sensitive there. But from the beginning we have always said that vaccination is not an obligation. There are also unvaccinated athletes to Tokyo.”