Hemorrhoids: These home remedies help

What are hemorrhoids?

While hemorrhoids are not a disease in themselves, they can still cause a variety of symptoms. They are usually triggered by straining too hard during a bowel movement, which particularly affects people with constipation. Swelling or dilation of blood vessels occurs over time. If these so-called hemorrhoids are too swollen, they can stretch out. Over time, liquid leaks out and inflammation in the anal region occurs. The result is itching, burning, pain and even bleeding.

Those who want to alleviate the suffering often resort to home remedies. But which ones can help? We’ll tell you.

These are the best home remedies for hemorrhoids

It is important that anyone who has been suffering from enlarged hemorrhoids for a long time should consult a doctor instead of using home remedies. Otherwise you will not get rid of the swelling. Everyone else can try these 5 home remedies:

1. Proper nutrition

“You are what you eat”, especially those who are prone to constipation should rely on a high-fiber diet that stimulates digestion. These include, for example, linseed or Indian psyllium. Dried fruits also have a digestive effect.

2. Drink a lot

Furthermore, you should always drink enough. It should definitely be 2 to 3 liters a day, preferably water or tea.

3. Sitz baths

You need quick help? Sitz baths are a popular home remedy in the fight against painful erectile tissue. Only the lower body is in the water, the upper body is not covered by water. You can simply sit in the bath or shower. Either bathe in clear water or add soothing bath additives if necessary. Oak bark, arnica or chamomile are particularly suitable. For example, oak bark has anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Get enough exercise

Exercise boosts digestion and prevents constipation. This prevents constipation and thus facilitates bowel movements, which is particularly important in the case of a painful hemorrhoid prolapse!

5. Hemorrhoid Pillow

Does sitting cause you pain? A hemorrhoid pillow can provide relief. This is an inflatable ring with a cavity in the affected area. That way it won’t be charged.



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