Oddly enough, there were still things of Pampita that were not known. For example, some issues that can be considered “health”. The model herself turned into a television host confessed one of those situations at the beginning of a new edition of the Pampita Online program, which she leads from Monday to Friday on the Net signal.

Each issue starts with the same structure. First the driver introduces herself, says hello, tells how her day was and describes her clothing and accessories. Then he calls his different colleagues – and panelists – and does more or less the same. He asks them something or other and also allows them to pass the notice of the firms that dress them. In the middle, he presents the different themes that they will play throughout the day.

But on Friday – the same day he received Angel de Brito, whom he had visited a few hours earlier in Los Angeles de la Mañana- Pampita gave the note by telling something that the general public did not know. Because when she was telling what she had worn to accomplish her task, elegant and sophisticated as always, the revelation took place that surprised a huge majority.

“Today I am wearing something that people may like a lot. I have this mustard colored, or lemon lime. Above the TV happens you can see differently, it seems. What do you think, what do you say? They can write to us and tell me about it, because I am colorblind and it is difficult for me to define what each key is ”, Pampita said to leave everyone with their mouths open.

Color blindness is the difficulty some people have in accurately identifying different colors. They generally have no other vision problems. At least those who suffer from it to a minimum degree. There are three levels: the most serious makes people who suffer from it see everything in black and white.

“I have this mustard color, or lemon lime. On TV it happens you can see differently, it seems. What do you think, what do you say? You can write to us and tell me about it, because I am colorblind.”

Pampita He always shares with viewers, with his followers on social networks and with the general public a huge number of circumstances that have to do with both his professional life and his personal life. But when it comes to her, something new, good or bad, can be discovered at any moment. As if you had several lives in one.

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