“Hello Inadi”: Flor de la V’s response to the transphobic attack of a Cordovan journalist

Florence of the Vthe actress and host of Intruders, referred to the transphobic statements of the Cordovan journalist Miguel Motta against him, in his Sports on the Move program that is broadcast on The twelve.

Motta pointed against the one on V, commenting on the interview with Valeria Mazza that they had done on her program in America after the attack suffered by her son, Tiziano Gravier.

“Look at what happens on television, anyone goes on the air and totally uninformed. La De la Ve or El De la Ve, who knows, I’m not sure”said the journalist. The rest of the journalists made it clear that she was Florencia.

“He tells him `How’s Tincho?’ and ‘tincho’ is pejorative. I don’t know what this guy or girl thinks. This ‘Argentine’, could this boy be an ‘Argentine’? He thinks ‘tincho’ is the nickname, he must have thought it was Martín. television barbarity,” he stressed.

Cispren complaint

The press union of Córdoba rHe made a massive complaint to the Public Defender’s Office against Motta.

“I hereby denounce Miguel Ángel Motta, a journalist from Córdoba, who, in the framework of his program “Deportes en marcha” on the El Doce channel, issued transphobic messages, specifically against Flor de la V. The journalist alluded to the identity of the driver, saying “the De la V, or the De la V, I don’t know, I’m not sure” and “I don’t know what this guy or girl thinks”, in flagrant violation of the gender identity law, and to the provisions of the SCA law that indicate that the services must avoid content that promotes or incites discriminatory treatment.

Flor de la V’s response

The host of Intruders expressed herself on social networks on the subject.

On his Twitter account, he reposted the video of the program’s cut and praised the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism.

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