After the helicopter of Strabag boss Hans Peter Haselsteiner (77) crashed, the investigation into the cause is in full swing. As the spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office in Wiener Neustadt, Erich Habitzl, told the KURIER, the investigative authority ordered the autopsy of the killed pilot.

The aim is to determine the exact cause of death and to find out whether the 50-year-old Carinthian might have had a health problem at the wheel of the machine before the accident. Roland Prünster was considered an experienced and level-headed helicopter pilot. He has been flying for the company “Goldeck-Flug” since 2016, and Haselsteiner himself is the main investor in the charter airline.

Got out shortly before

The Strabag boss got out of the plane a few minutes before the crash during a stopover at Semmering in order to make a personal appointment. That saved his life. The helicopter continued to fly and crashed on Sunday at around 4.45 p.m. in heavy fog at the Wiener Neustadt-Ost airfield.

The wreck immediately went up in flames. At Goldeck-Flug one is “seriously shocked” after the tragic accident, as a company spokesman told the KURIER. The crashed pilot was a close confidante of Hans Peter Haselsteiner, the relationship was very friendly. As a pilot, Prünster enjoyed the full confidence of the 77-year-old Strabag boss due to his prudence, the spokesman said. The accident cannot be explained at the moment.

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