Helene Fischer: Sad certainty – HE is now providing clarity

Helene Fischer: Sad certainty – HE is now providing clarity

June 7th, 2021 at 6:35 am

This is Helene Fischer

This is Helene Fischer

She is one of the most successful German singers: Helene Fischer. We look back at the beginnings of the Schlager star’s career.

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Has been for more than two years Helene Fischer no more concert played. An excruciatingly long time for her fans.

Her TV appearances are rare highlights and so are Instagram posts from Helene Fischer rather a rarity. It goes without saying that the fans are longing to finally see the singer live on stage again.

Helene Fischer: What about appearances this year?

This year too, it doesn’t seem to work anymore. At least that is what “Everybody Sunday” presenter Stefan Mross is firmly convinced of. “I think Helene is still taking her well-deserved break this year,” the 45-year-old explains in an interview with our editorial team.


This is Helene Fischer:


+++ “Goodbye Germany”: Vox makes it official and announces – “She is back” +++

That was to be feared. After all, Helene Fischer is an artist in the big arenas and they cannot be used due to the current Corona restrictions.

Helene Fischer: Hope for the Christmas show is alive

+++ Stefan Mross: wife Anna-Carina overjoyed – “great news” +++

And the concerts in Austria, which were actually planned for the beginning of this year, were pushed back to April 2022. One can only hope that the corona pandemic will be under control by then and that the many thousands of fans in Bad Hofgaststein, Austria, will be able to enjoy an exuberant Helene concert.


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This is Stefan Mross:

  • Stefan Mross was born on November 26th, 1975 in Traunstein
  • At the age of 13, Stefan Mross was discovered at a wedding
  • His first TV appearance was with Karl Moik
  • Since 2005, Stefan Mross has been moderating “Sundays again and again”


Still hope for the Christmas show

And there is another glimmer of hope. So far, ZDF has not made a clear statement about Helene Fischer’s Christmas show. So it could well be that Helene will appear again at the end of the year. The thumbs are pressed.

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