Helene Fischer is under pressure on Instagram

Helene Fischer “not really fit” after birth

There is hardly any understanding of Fischer’s decision to get used to her new role as a mother. After a long break from the limelight, the singer made her first appearance at the end of March after the birth of her daughter. “I’m not really fit yet. It takes time. Everyone who has just become a mom knows that,” said the 37-year-old Bild-Newspaper reported at the time.

After the birth, Fischer withdrew from the public for a few months. “We were at home and made ourselves comfortable there,” she said of the time off that she and Seitel enjoyed privately as a family.

In the coming months, Fischer will probably continue to focus mainly on motherhood. “I’ll really enjoy this first year again before it starts again and I go on a big tour,” said the pop star, who would otherwise prefer to keep his private life to himself, about his plans.

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