Helena Fürst desperate in the closed psychiatry: “fear of death”

The reason for this is an incident in her house in Frankfurt a little over a week ago: Inspired by a TV show she recently took part in, Helena wanted to consecrate this house into a “House of God”. This may seem strange to outsiders. In the basement, Helena noticed cut wires in a telecommunications box. While trying to find the cause of this, there was an argument with their neighbors, whereupon they called the police. When the officers arrived, a solid argument developed in the course of which the police handcuffed Helena, took her to the station and finally transferred her to the psychiatric ward in the early morning of June 25th.

Here, too, the statements made by Helena Fürst and the police differ widely: While Fürst claims that she “wanted to show something”, the police said she was very aggressive and insulting, which led to the arrest.

What’s next? According to a court order, Helena has to stay in the clinic until July 9th. (mpe, jti)


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