Helena Bonham Carter defends Johnny Depp and Joanne K. Rowling

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‘Got Cornered’ – Helena Bonham Carter defends Johnny Depp and Joanne K. Rowling

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Actress Helena Bonham Carter takes the side of two celebs who haven’t been in a good light lately, jumping into an interview with both Johnny Depp and author Joanne K. Rowling.

She is one of the most respected actresses in Great Britain, known among other things for “A Room with a View” or “The King’s Speech”: Helena Bonham Carter (56). She was with the cult director Tim Burton for many years and has two children with him. And their godfather is a longtime family friend: Johnny Depp. With him, Helena Bonham Carter was seen in the films “Sleepy Hollow”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Alice in Wonderland”.

Considered a superstar and heartthrob par excellence for decades, Depp has been criticized for some time. There is talk of alcohol and drug problems, since his separation from his wife, Vanessa Paradis, it seems that he no longer has his life under control. In particular, the court case that followed his tumultuous relationship with actress Amber Heard put Depp in a bad light.

Helena Bonham Carter on Johnny Depp’s page

Despite everything, Helena Bonham Carter defends her old companion. With Amber Heard at least (for now) found guilty of defamation — which doesn’t mean Depp is innocent, just that she shouldn’t have gone public with her allegations — 56-year-old Johnny Depp feels in an interview with The Tye ” for washing up: “Oh, I think it’s settled now. He’s fine now, absolutely fine.”

In her eyes, Amber Heard is someone who “jumped on the #MeeToo bandwagon for selfish reasons. That’s the problem with stuff like that, people become followers because it’s a trend.” Hard words.

And these are not all the controversial opinions. Bonham Carter not only defends Johnny Depp, but also the British author Joanne K. Rowling. The “Harry Potter” inventor is now under criticism because she repeatedly, sometimes drastically, speaks out against more rights for trans people. While Rowling’s tweets on the subject are hard to misinterpret, Bonham Carter thinks they are misunderstood.

Joanne K. Rowling ‘Didn’t Mean That Aggressively’

The actress – who starred as Bellatrix Lestrange in the ‘Harry Potter’ films – defended the author, saying: “It’s terrible, a lot of bullshit. I think she’s backed into a corner. People’s self-righteousness is really extreme. She is allowed to have her own opinion.”

Bonham Carter adds: “You don’t all have to agree, that would be crazy and boring. She certainly doesn’t mean it aggressively, but judges things from her own experience.”

Sources: “The Independent”, “The Times”

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