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This is confirmed by the spokesperson for Heineken Netherlands, based on a letter that Pieter Vissers, catering director of Heineken Netherlands sent to all entrepreneurs on Monday. After corona, the crisis in Ukraine follows and the constant price increases that this causes, Heineken cannot pay in full.

“Prices for personnel, energy, raw materials and materials such as glass, felt and installations shoot up by sometimes tens of percent,” says Vissers. “We cannot control this ourselves, but are constantly looking at what we can do ourselves.”

Photo for illustration

Photo for illustration

Tax debt

According to the catering director, Heineken can no longer avoid passing on cost increases, and that is not a good message, Vissers acknowledges. “Many entrepreneurs have a high tax debt due to the corona crisis,” he says. “Heineken is committed to discussing with the government to extend the repayment term of this tax debt.”

“It is already Heineken’s second price increase,” responds Dirk Beljaarts, director of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland. “Understandable, but it is unfortunate for many catering entrepreneurs who are trying to recover. It underlines the urgency of extending the pre-tax repayment term from five to ten years.”

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