Heavy rain causes heavy flooding, but the center of gravity …

The thunderstorm that had been warned about for days already caused a lot of flooding in Limburg and Wallonia on Tuesday evening. In Namur, a scout camp of a group from Kalmthout had to be evacuated because everything was flooded. The rest of the working week also promises to be very wet.

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“The camp site has been flooded after heavy rainfall,” Mayor Lukas Jacobs (CD&V) of Kalmthout told VRT NWS. “So I sent three buses there via the governor and De Lijn. At least 150 children from the youngest branches are transferred back to Kalmthout during the night. The parents have been notified.”

In Flanders, Limburg in particular already received the full brunt.

In the Bolderstraat in Riemst The residents had to pull out the tractors on Tuesday evening. After a brief but fierce downpour, the street was flooded. Because the sewers could no longer swallow the abundant water, the cellars flooded.

Several homes in Heukelom were flooded. The fire brigade was out of hand.

Also in the neighboring Bilzen flooded streets and houses. The fire brigade was busy filling sandbags on Tuesday evening. Because the worst is yet to come, weather forecasters say (see below for the weather forecast).

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On Wednesday morning, consultations will take place with Limburg governor Jos Lantmeeters about the flooding that is expected in the coming days. “The center of gravity is expected on Wednesday afternoon, but we can only say in the morning where it would rain the most,” said Lantmeeters. “We will communicate after the consultation, because we want to make it clear to people where to expect misery.”

In Feed the orange alarm level applies due to the rivers Voer and Berwijn.

In total, the Limburg fire brigades have already received forty reports.

Heavy rain causes heavy flooding, but center of gravity is yet to come
A highway in Dutch Limburg was completely flooded.
Photo: rr

Highway under water

Also in Brussels A lot of precipitation fell in a short time and some tunnels had to be closed temporarily because it was too dangerous.

In Walloon Brabant the worst was expected, but dozens of houses flooded again. Mudslides ensured that homes not only suffered water damage but also that a brown gunk was left behind.

In the region around Verviers the fire brigade of the rescue zone Vesdre Hoëgne et Plateau, which includes nineteen municipalities in the province of Liège, was called up 165 times between 7:15 p.m. on Thursday and 3 a.m. Wednesday because of the heavy rainfall.

The fire brigade had to turn out last night, especially for flooded basements. For example, in Xleveresse, a sub-municipality of Herve, and in Trooz roads were empty.

The RMI has announced code orange for several places in the country from Tuesday to Thursday, because amounts of precipitation that normally fall in an entire month can fall.

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Also in the Netherlands and Germany

There was also flooding in the south of Dutch Limburg. The A79 motorway between Heerlen on Maastricht was closed and streets are empty in several neighborhoods. Locally, 75 liters fell from the sky in no time.

The police called on people on Tuesday evening to stay at home and not to make any more trips. They were also asked to follow the directions of the emergency services and not to drive recklessly through flooded streets.

In Kerkrade the roof of a business collapsed as a result of the excessive rainfall. The facade was also damaged as a result. There was no one else in the company at that time. The workers had just left.

The fire brigade also rescued three people from the historic Oil Mill in Heerlen. The farm from the 16th century is located at the bottom of a hill. As a result, the Oliemolen was flooded by 1.5 meters. A woman rescued from the farm had symptoms of hypothermia.

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In the German district Hof, in the southeastern state of Bavaria, authorities announced the contingency plan on Tuesday evening. Strong thunderstorms and heavy rainfall cause flooding.

The area around the place has been worst hit, according to emergency services Selbitz, where the fire brigade had to pump out cellars and bring in sandbags. So far, no casualties have been reported, although several families have been forced to leave their homes.

In addition, a highway was closed by heavy flowing water, while a construction crane near the city of Hof threatened to fall.

According to the Red Cross, the telephone lines of the emergency services in the region are overloaded.

A lot of rain is forecast until Thursday evening, in the province of Liège even code red applies. Find out here where and when heavy precipitation is expected.


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