‘Heavy’ attraction at Tilburg Fair: how much pressure can your body handle?

The fair has continued as usual for the past two years, but in a modified form. So now it’s time to unpack, with parties and all. In addition, there is a new attraction: the Pandora. The German attraction is now on Dutch soil for the first time.


There are also classics. Such as The Reactor, says fairground vlogger Michael Dodeman, of the channel De Kermis Lover. He sometimes works at the attraction himself, a kind of turntable with seats. “It is the heaviest in terms of G-forces,” the vlogger tells EditieNL. That force represents the acceleration a moving object experiences as a result of strong changes in magnitude, or the direction of speed. The Reactor’s G-force is 4.5.

Quite intense, thinks mechanical engineer Jurnan Schilder of the University of Twente. “Then you will be pushed into your seat.” A side note should be made: 4.5G is the maximum. “But that’s not what visitors are exposed to for minutes.”


For the daredevils who crave more G-force: that’s difficult, because then there is a big chance that you will get nauseous and puke. “And if you would like to undergo that, you have to train for that,” says Schilder. So does Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen. In a normal turn he experiences a G-force of 4 to 6. But it can be more extreme: during a crash he had to deal with 51G.

‘May be more intense here’

With a G-force of sometimes 4.5, that Reactor is quite spectacular, especially when you consider how strong that force is. “And you won’t get it more spectacular than in Tilburg in the Netherlands,” says fair vlogger Dodeman. Though he thinks it could be even better. “In Germany there are even more intense attractions. I would also like to see them in the Netherlands.” In any case, the brand new Pandora is a good start.



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