Heating efficiently without breaking the bank, is it still possible?

Heating efficiently without breaking the bank, is it still possible?

For several months now, the energy crisis has caused gas and electricity prices to explode. The question arises more and more of finding solutions to heat efficiently without breaking the bank. It is moreover the heart of a co-ideation campaign launched on the EDF Pulse & You platform. And some ideas are worth discovering.

There are many innovations in the heating market. They are more or less known, more or less promising, more or less accessible. And this is the subject that is currently being debated on the EDF Pulse & You co-ideation platform. A subject that is all the more topical as many of us are looking for efficient and affordable heating solutions in these times of energy crisis.

A truly innovative heater, what do you think it would be?

There are already some that can be deployed fairly quickly. For those who heat themselves with electricity, for example. Because it is known, in the new as in the old, heating with electricity is expensive. Reason enough to choose efficient and energy-efficient radiators. In aluminiumaluminiumthe radiator at inertiainertia fluid AtollAtoll of Acova ensures a rapid rise in temperature and delivers a heatheat soft and homogeneous. Fitted with a control unit, it allows the heating periods to be programmed according to three daily programs predefined by the manufacturer and another customizable one. As an option, for intelligent heating management, this radiator can be connected from its pilot wire to a connected programmer. Available in different sizes, this radiator has a very small thickness (10.5 cm). Finally, it has a raised on/off button, practical for visually impaired users. Available in large DIY stores (GSB) or specialized sites.

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How far would you be willing to go to heat yourself “differently”?

Reduce the bill with an autonomous pellet stove

To reduce your heating bill, however, there is a trick that you don’t always think of: mixing energies.

Did you know ?

More than five years ago, the co-ideation platform EDF Pulse & You was posted online. With the aim of imagining the world of tomorrow around the experiences and reflections of the Pulseurs. Today, more than 9,000 EDF project managers, start-ups and individuals take part. They speak regularly on different topics.

And your contribution could well enrich their debates. For this, it suffices to create an account, post your ideas and vote for the best contributions. In the end, some rewards in the campaign theme for the most creative Pulsers like a solar dryer or a mini solar cooker.

In this game, pellet stoves are the most effective. The Rondalis De Dietrich model is no exception to the rule. Benefiting from the Flamme verte 7 label starsstars, its design and finish allow it to fit into any interior. Equipped with remote control and remote controllable via a connected thermostat (optional), the use of this stove boisbois is the simplest. Offered in two powers (from 2.5 to 6 kW and 2.5 to 9 kW), its efficiency is respectively displayed at 91 and 88%. On the consumption side, depending on the maximum power, count 1.6 kg/h of pellets for 6 kW and 2.4 kg/h for 9 kW. However, this equipment has a nice reserve of pellets between 16.5 and 17kgkg. in full saisonsaison of heating, it ensures nearly three days of heating. Prices and installation with an approved installer.

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Submit your innovative heating ideas and win prizes!

Green energy: densified wooden logs

Logs, pellets… wood is a heating method that remains economical. Although its price has recently doubled, it is still up to half the cost of heating with wood than with electric heaters. Heating with wood is also less expensive than fossil fuelsfossil fuels. And it is renewable. Associated with the financial aid they receive, wood stoves and fireplaces have seen their sales explode. There are now 1.7 million French people who heat with pellets. That is 13% more than in 2021.

You have until March 12 to submit your innovative heating ideas and win prizes!

A craze that worries many firewood professionals who are sounding the alarm in the face of a possible shortage. To meet this strong demand, Brazéco offers densified wood logs (length 25 cm, Ø 9 cm) made only of oak sawdust. A species of wood widely present around the manufacturer’s processing plant. With a high calorific value (> 4.6 kWh/kg), a single log is equivalent to three conventional logs. An advantage which is to be compared with the cost of the stere higher than that of traditional logs. Available on the manufacturer’s site with withdrawal from the various depots spread over the territory.

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