Heart attack risk can increase: Increased Lp (a) blood fat and Covid

The risk of heart attack could increase immensely if a person has an elevated Lp (a) blood lipid level and also falls ill with Covid.

the essentials in brief

  • People with an increased Lp (a) blood lipid level have a higher risk of heart attack.
  • The twice as high risk increases again by one and a half times.
  • This is the result of a study by the Innsbruck Institute for Genetic Epidemiology.

The coronavirus can increase the risk of a heart attack for some. People who have an elevated Lpo (a) blood lipid level are apparently particularly affected.

Their risk is already twice as high, but due to Covid-19 it increases by another 150 percent. This is what a current research study by the Innsbruck Institute for Genetic Epidemiology says. “Die Kleine Zeitung” reported.

The Lp (a) concentration should therefore be measured at least once in a lifetime, according to the advice of study director Florian Kronenberg. “Although it is well known that an increased Lp (a) concentration doubles the risk of myocardial infarction, this factor is still not given enough consideration.”

In Austria, every fifth person is affected by an increased concentration, but they are not aware of this.

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