Health workers have been on a 72-hour strike since Wednesday

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In first, second and third level hospitals throughout the country there is no medical attention, except in cases of emergencies, because health workers have been delivering a 72-hour delivery since Wednesday; They ask to be included in the General Labor Law. The patients protest because the attention will be regularized from Tuesday, after the holiday.

The departmental executive secretary of Health Workers of La Paz, Robert Hurtado, affirmed that among his demands there is also a 10% salary increase and the granting of new items for the sector.

“We ask for a salary increase of 10% both in the basic salary and in the national minimum. In the pandemic, we were the sector that was most exposed,” Hurtado told Red Uno.

He stated that the demands were raised with the Minister of Health, Jeyson Auza, in a meeting they held on April 12, but to date they have not received a favorable response.

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Due to the strikes that will last for three days and the holiday on Monday, for May 1, the population that goes to the hospitals of La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, in search of a card for medical attention, was seen surprised to find the doors locked.

For example, in the San Juan de Dios and Japanese hospitals, both in Santa Cruz, people questioned the measure. One of them stated that she had to get up at two in the morning to arrive from the municipality of La Guardia.

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“I had to get up early for three days to schedule my care this Wednesday. Now I come and they say there is unemployment and there will be no care until Tuesday, because Monday is a holiday, ”she lamented in contact with Unitel.

Like the previous ones, at the Viedma hospital, in Cochabamba, care was also suspended. Meanwhile, in La Paz at the Hospital de Clínicas, people stayed with the hope that they would be treated.

In addition to the reports of the trunk axis, the measure of the health sector applies to all regions of the country.



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