The members of the National Union of Workers of the Ministry of Health (SNTSA) section XXV agreed to put an end to the work stoppages that they maintained in different hospitals in Puebla for just over a week.

According to the state Health Secretariat (SSA), on Wednesday afternoon the head of the agency, José Antonio Martínez García, met with leaders of sections XXV and 75, Patricia Parra Maldonado and Ulises Téllez Andrade, respectively.

Among the main points that were discussed, the union members pledged “not to put the health of the people of Puebla at risk with the suspension of activities,” as happened in recent days.

“Both parties assumed the commitment to maintain a relationship of cordiality and dialogue, in which the rights of workers are respected, without putting the health of the people of Puebla at risk with the suspension of activities as workers in the sector have done. in the last days”.

According to the agency, Martínez García made it clear to Ssa workers that this year’s ‘Covid Bonus’ will be delivered shortly, even though it is not a union achievement, but “an act of goodwill from the governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta, who recognizes the titanic work they do every day for the health of the population in the midst of the current pandemic.

To this is added that both the SNTSA and the Ministry of Health agreed to hold monthly meetings to review different labor issues of unionized personnel who have been lagging from previous administrations.

There is no suspension of oncological drugs in the HNP: Salud Puebla

In the Poblano Children’s Hospital (HNP) there is no suspension of oncological treatments and the supply of anticancer drugs in the medical centers of the Ministry of Health (Ssa) is 95 percent, said José Antonio Martínez García, head of the agency.

In a brief statement after the demonstration that parents of minors with cancer made this Wednesday in the vicinity of the Bulevar del Niño Poblano, the Ssa pointed out that the 210 children who receive cancer treatment at the HNP have not stopped receiving medical attention since “it is a priority “of the state government,” like that of the rest of the population. “

As established on Tuesday, the local agency explained that the governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta ordered “to acquire the necessary supplies for the care of this condition in the minors of Puebla.