Health | Tobacco-free month: lung cancer remains a misdiagnosis

(ETX Daily Up) – Despite advances in science, lung cancer is a particularly fatal disease with 17% of patients still alive, 5 years after diagnosis. To inform about the risks associated with this disease, of which smoking is the main cause, the month of November is devoted to prevention.

* 7 French out of 10 French feel they are poorly informed about the main symptoms associated with lung cancer, alert the collective “Ensemble Nous Poumons”. Misinformation that can prove to be fatal in the context of a cancer that killed 30,991 people in 2017. It is the second deadliest cancer in men, after prostate cancer and the third in women after breast cancer and colorectal cancer according to figures from Public Health France.

What are the causes ?

Smoking alone is responsible for 85% to 90% of lung cancer. The second cause concerns exposure to second-hand smoke, including what is called passive smoking. “Of the approximately 4,000 chemicals in smoke, at least 70 are known to cause cancer. There is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke ”emphasizes the Canadian health agency. Finally, exposing yourself to carcinogenic particles in the air can cause cancer. Among the known particles, mention may be made of carbon monoxide or also ozone.

When cancer is diagnosed at a metastatic stage, “only 4% of patients are still alive 5 afterwards. However, this figure rises to more than 50% when the diagnosis is early ”, recalls in a press release the collective“ Ensemble Nous Poumons ”. “However, lung cancers are often diagnosed at an advanced stage (75% of them), due to not very specific symptoms” continues the collective.

To avoid developing this disease, quitting smoking is strongly recommended. Tobacco Free Month, which begins on November 1, is an opportunity to quit together and encourage each other. To help you quit, nicotine substitutes can be covered at 65% by Health Insurance. “These treatments can be prescribed by many health professionals: doctors (including the occupational physician), midwives, nurses, dental surgeons, masseurs-physiotherapists” explains the Assurance Maladie on its website.

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* Ipsos AstraZeneca survey. 6,001 people questioned, from February to March 2019 and 437 health professionals questioned (general practitioners, pulmonologists and oncologists)

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