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Health | The most frequently asked questions of males about vasectomy Sciences

Although it is a safe and effective planning method – to which men in Peru have access through campaigns of the Ministry of Health -, very few men undergo the vasectomy.

José Miguel Silva, a urologist at the San Ignacio University Hospital and a professor at the Javeriana University of Colombia, believes that there are very high doses of machismo behind it: “Many think, mistakenly, that contraception is a woman's business. There is no such, especially when the vasectomy is so simple and safe ”, He says.

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To better understand what the vasectomyThese are the answers to the most common questions that men have regarding this procedure:

In simple terms, what is it?

It is a surgical technique that seeks to produce infertility in men. It consists of linking the vas deferens, where the sperm from the testicles to the urethra.

How big is that surgery?

It is an outpatient procedure, that means you do not need hospitalization; In addition, it is done with local anesthesia. The surgeon makes two cuts of 5 to 10 millimeters in the upper part of the scrotum, through which you take out the ducts to cut and bind them.

What conditions must a man have for the procedure?

None in particular. You do not need the authorization of the couple or have a certain number of children. Just the will to do it.

What complications can it have?

The truth is very few and rarely present. Among them are scrotal hematomas, infections at the site of surgery or prolonged pain.

When can one have sex again?

Sterility is not immediate. Moreover, we must resort to another method of contraception for at least three months after surgery. The idea is to wait for the sperm that are in the seminal vesicles to disappear.

And what about the sperm that occur in the testicles? They accumulate?

Of course not, the body is responsible for reabsorbing them.

Does vasectomy cause impotence?

Nothing of that. It has been proven that satisfaction can increase as the fear of pregnancy decreases.

Does it reduce the quality of orgasm?

No way. It remains the same.

If there is no sperm, is ejaculation scarce?

The volume of ejaculation decreases less than 10 percent … It is actually imperceptible.

Is it true that vasectomy affects testosterone production?

No, in fact, the testicles, which produce this hormone, are not affected at all by the procedure.

Is it true that the risk of prostate and testicular cancer, heart attack and stroke increases?

None of these diseases is directly or indirectly related to vasectomy. Moreover, there are no studies that suggest a link.

How safe is this procedure?

When it's perfectly done, it's 99 percent safe.

How does one confirm that it was well done?

It is convenient to have a spermiogram after three months. If there is presence of sperm in the test, it means that there are failures in the intervention and that it is best to repeat it.

Is it possible to reverse a vasectomy?

There are microsurgical procedures to reconstruct vas deferens, blood vessels and other small structures; Nevertheless, in the first years success does not reach 70 percent. After a decade of vasectomy, the failures are higher.

I have heard of cases of men who, despite having been recanalized, their ducts are still infertile. Why?

Because after a while, the body can identify sperm as foreign bodies and react to them, destroying them. That's possible.

What type of doctor can practice vasectomy?

Urologist And if you have experience in these procedures, much better.

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