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Endocrinologist Alena Barredo warned of the mortal danger of chronic stress in an interview with Channel Five.

According to the doctor, during stress, the body produces cortisol (stress hormone), and its excess threatens the mood and health of a person: the risk of gaining weight increases, getting problems with reproductive function, blood vessels and the gastrointestinal tract.

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Barredo noted that cortisol lowers protein synthesis, which makes sugar and cholesterol levels high. To lower sugar, the body will start producing insulin and this will lead to weight gain. “Insulin is a hormone that stores, stores fat in various places. Especially in the upper half of the body: abdomen, chest, arms and legs. Due to the fact that protein metabolism decreases against the background of cortisol, arms and legs will be thin, because proteins will be destroyed, ”said the endocrinologist.

Chronic stress hits the gastrointestinal tract and sex life, the specialist said. Cortisol uses all the forces of the body, and it reduces the production of testosterone and estrogen, which are responsible not only for reproductive function, but also for vascular elasticity and blood pressure. Following these hormones, the level of progesterone also decreases, which regulates satisfaction and mood stability. Barredo recalled how important it is to listen to yourself and your conditions in order to seek medical help on time.

Earlier, doctors at the Mayo Clinic named the habits leading to a heart attack. One of the factors influencing the onset of heart problems is daily meals outside the home, biologists say. In a restaurant or cafe, a person chooses unhealthy food more often, they are sure. Experts advised giving up bread and cocktails, preferring healthier fillings, and ordering small portions.


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