Health reveals the symptoms of monkeypox .. Get to know them

The Ministry of Health and Population revealed the symptoms of monkeypox, which are the appearance of a painful rash, and the formation of vesicles on the palm of the hand. While the cases were historically characterized by rashes on large parts of the body, the cases in the current spread mostly included people with a small number of Rashes around the genitals or anus.

The Ministry of Health and Population said: The outbreak of the disease is highly concentrated so far among gay and bisexual men and other men who have sex with men, but this does not prevent the possibility of its spread among people with weak immune systems, and the possibility of the disease still spreading in Middle Eastern countries. Not high, and no confirmed cases have been detected in Egypt until today.

The Ministry of Health and Population had said that no cases of monkeypox had been monitored in Egypt so far, and continued: The possibility of its spread in the countries of the Middle East is still not high. stone.

Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar said: The monkeypox virus spreads through close contact, mainly through direct exposure to rashes, contaminated clothing or linens, or through respiratory droplets of the infected person. So far, no deaths from the virus have been reported in the United States or Europe, even as the number of cases is rising.

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